Are Poodles Needy Dogs? (Important Facts Before You Buy)

Poodles are a dog breed that was bred as retrieving and hunting dogs.

They were not bred to become house pets. But this dog breed is extremely good in terms of their trainability, learning, and socialization, and as such have gradually become a part of many families as pets. They are extremely friendly and are known for their easy-going nature. 

The dogs of this breed are keen attention seekers, and they love to cuddle and be near their favorite humans and owners at all times. They are like that cute big ball of fur and it is hard to resist their loving nature.

Due to their good socializing abilities, they are one of the most preferred breeds as family dogs. They help you with the much-needed companionship and love that you always look for and can prove to be a good stress-buster always. 

Having said that, poodles can be pretty clingy at times and that may make them look like a needy dog breed. In this piece, we will find out if they are really a needy breed of dogs and some other aspects around their lovely nature. 

Why And How Do Poodles Get Attached to You?

Poodles can get attached to you very easily. They have this thing to pick and choose their favorite in the house. As such, they have this tendency to cling to just one person. They tend to develop a very close bond with that one person and they stay away and distant from the others in the family.

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This happens usually when that one person is with them first and they start to trust this person more than the others. Or, if this one person is taking care of them or is with them most of the time. And, if that one chosen person is You, then you may be the lucky one along with of course a few disadvantages too. 

As discussed, poodles can get too clingy and very attached to you. But why do they display such behavior? They have their own reasons and let us understand these reasons first.

  • Your poodles can get attached to you when they are extremely comfortable with you and completely trust you.
  • When they are not feeling well, are sick, or have any injury, they tend to be with you and near you as much as they can. This is the time when they need people they trust near them for relief.
  • When there are other dogs and pets in the house and their presence makes them feel intimidated or they feel bullied or are teased by them, they will look for you to seek protection and security.
  • They may tend to be near you or run for you when they hear a loud noise such as a thunderclap and get scared obviously to seek protection. Generally every time they are confused and get startled they will come running to you out of fear.

Now that we know the reasons, let us find out more about how your dog chooses someone as their favorite person.

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How Do Poodles Choose Their Favorite Person?

It is in fact a great feeling to be your dog’s favorite person. Imagine at the end of a long day when you get home, they come and cuddle you lovingly, letting you know that they missed you the whole day. A beautiful feeling of love and affection indeed. But how do your dogs choose you or someone in the family as their favorite person?

First, they would not get attached to anybody they meet randomly. They are choosy in terms of their favorite human. They would usually choose a person as their favorite based on that person’s personality, their behavior, their attention towards them, loving, and caring nature, etc.

It does not really mean that since you are the primary provider or caretaker of your dog, you will become their favorite automatically. No, it does not work that way with poodles.

They usually will choose someone who would have the same traits which they have. For instance, if your dog is loud, energetic, and extremely playful, they will pick someone who can match them in their energy levels and be their companions in their games and playful times. If your dog is of a calmer nature, they will pick someone who likes to be calm and quiet. 

Now that you know that your dog can get too clingy, let us see what you can do if they get too clingy.

Things To Do If Your Dog Gets Too Clingy

Since your dog can get clingy and needy for you here is a brief list of things that you can do to make sure they are not left out and are not too clingy as well:

  1. Give them toys and snacks to keep them busy and distracted.
  2. Keep them busy in games with treats that they can get at the end of the games.
  3. Keep them away from sources of sudden loud noises and things that can scare them.
  4. Make them feel at ease, secure, and comfortable at your home with or without your presence.
  5. Give them ample time every day – 15 to 30 mins of time only for them should be enough so that they do not feel the need to cling to you or miss you all the time.
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The Bottomline 

To conclude and to summarize, poodles are a clingy dog breed. Ideally, they will cling to just one favorite person whom they trust completely and who they feel can protect them, provide them some relief, and make them feel nice and comfortable. And that is true for most humans as well isn’t it?

So the Bottomline – Yes, poodles are needy dogs that have a tendency to cling to their one favorite person in the household for all they need.

Cherish that beautiful feeling of love and affection they offer. To better understand their behavior use this piece, and if they are feeling more attached to you so the things mentioned.

Less needy, or more needy, needless to say, you would absolutely love being around these little bundles of joy and happiness.

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