Why Do Cats Cover Their Face When They Sleep?

Cat covers face while sleeping

Cats cover their face when they sleep to keep themselves warm. Another reason is to block out light or noises that might disrupt their slumber. Covering their faces when they sleep also makes them feel more secure and safe. Not all cats sleep with their face covered. Some cats prefer to sleep with their faces … Read more

Why Does My Cat Grab My Leg When I Walk? Explained

Kitten on the floor

Your cat may be grabbing your leg when you walk by because they are practicing their hunting skills. It could also be out of boredom and desire to play. It is quite normal behaviour for a cat and nothign to worry about unless it becomes excessive or you are finding it painful. If this is … Read more

Why Does My Cat Lick My Blanket And Purr?

Cat licking blanket

Your cat is licking your blanket and purring because it feels safe and happy being close to you. Cats have a strong connection to their human caregivers and often show their affection by licking or purring. Certain cats may also groom themselves as a way of marking their territory or relieving stress. In general, though, … Read more

Why Does My Cat Bite My Face? Common Causes And Solutions

Cat biting in the face

The most common reason a cat may bite your face is because the cat is trying to communicate something. Cats communicate through body language, and biting is one way they can express themselves. If your cat bites you, it might be because it’s unhappy with something you’ve done For example, if you try to pick … Read more

Why Does My Cat Have Black Boogers? Explained

Cat in the grass

Black boogers are simply dried mucus that accumulates in a cat’s nose. Cats produce mucus as part of the normal cleaning process, and when the mucus dries, it forms into those little black lumps that you see in your cat’s nose and on his coat. Not all cats have black boogers – only some cats … Read more

Molar Clay Cat Litter – Better Than Traditional Cat Litters?

Molar clay cat litter

It’s hard to find a good cat litter that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, isn’t dusty, and is affordable. Molar clay cat litter is a type of clumping cat litter that is made from natural materials. It is absorbent and forms clumps around solid waste, making it easy to remove. This type of litter also helps … Read more