How Often Does a Standard Poodle Need to be Groomed? (Best Advice)

A standard poodle requires grooming every 3 to 6 weeks, and sometimes the length of time before you groom them can also depend on how fast their coat will grow.

There may be some unruly fur that looks out of place, and you need to have this cut or groomed so everything will look perfect. You should also make sure that you comb their coat every two or three days, so you can catch any tangling or matting before it happens. 

You may have noticed dog owners who have poodles for a dog and may have been impressed by their well-groomed appearance, their fur that always appears in place, and the curls are all distinct. 

It is not a simple task to keep a poodle looking perfect cause you need to take care of their fur, as well, so their coat will be tangle-free, and mat-free. 

Time is important when you own a poodle cause this poodle needs you to look after their well-being and their good looks. Also, you may need to spend so you can maintain this breed. 

A standard poodle has the same feeding habit, so there is always a chance that their facial hair will have some grub stuck in there, or the sauce you may have added to their food mix may stick to the underside of their chin. This needs cleaning and wiping the soonest time you notice it. 

Another thing you have to observe is the poodle’s paws and legs since it exposes these to liquid or moisture that they may step into inside the house, mix this with dust and dirt and you will see them having a tangled hair after a few days. This is the reason you have to routinely comb them so you can maintain their perfect looks. 

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They also have a natural curl and they can acquire moisture, dust, and dirt as well that could wind up to become a skin infection if left unattended. 

Grooming is a big part of a poodle’s lifestyle cause without it they can end up smelling as well, and their coat will look sticky, tangled, and twisted. 

If you are not too keen on grooming and don’t have time to dedicate to taking care of a poodle, you may have to consider another dog breed. 

Here are some tasks you need to remember when taking care of a standard poodle

Brushing and Combing Your Poodle

Since poodles have hair and not fur as we call it, they do not shed as much, and this is something to be thankful for when you own a poodle. Those who suffer from allergies will love this quality about the standard poodle cause even if they lose some hair, it will be just a few compared to other hairy dog breeds. 

The thing is, they require frequent combing and brushing so that their dense, curly coat will not get tangled and starts some matting. When matting is severe, there is no way that you can brush over these clumps of coat, cause it is too tight and may even hurt your dog if you force it.

The next thing you can do if this happens to your poodle is to get them groomed by a professional.

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Remember to groom your standard poodle every 3 to 6 weeks so he will look his best all the time. 

Poodle Ear and Rump Trimming

Standard poodles will also have issues with hair on their ears, and this hair can keep it dark in there that creates a perfect opportunity for infection to thrive. Sometimes the hair can irritate the dog’s ear canal as it blocks off airflow and hasten wax buildup. Always check your dog’s ear as frequently as possible and trim some hair that is blocking their ears. 

Be observant when your dog scratches their ears more often, and if you see them shaking their heads, it is not their way of saying no, but it is a sign that there must be something in their ears that makes them so itchy, uncomfortable, and even painful. 

Another way to know if they have issues with their ears is if start to smell, get them to the vet immediately so you can have it checked. 

Their anal area also needs some trimming from time to time cause the issue is with fecal matter getting stuck in excess hair, and this will make them scoot their butt on the floor. If you leave the hair untrimmed, it can also cause the blocking of fecal matters. 

How do I Trim My Poodle’s Nails?

If your poodle walks weirdly as if they are in discomfort, you should check out their nails cause long nails can make it difficult for them to walk.

Sometimes, long nails cause injuries to the pooch, so they should be trimmed regularly. But be careful when trimming your dog’s nails cause they can bleed if cut incorrectly.

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This will also cause your poodle to get traumatized by the experience and will not be so consenting to have their nails cut next time. 

You’ll know when it’s time to trim their nails when you hear them walking with a clicking sound. The best time is between 2 to 4 weeks. 

Is it Important to Wash and Bathe Your Poodle?

Indeed it is important to wash your poodle. Before you wet your dog’s hair, make sure that you have brushed all the tangles away. It will be impossible to remove these mats and tangles once they are wet. 

Thoroughly check all over their body and see if there are bumps or sores you should worry about. Take this time to see if there are other issues you should be aware of. 

Soap them thoroughly and carefully lather each part of their body so that oil, debris, and dead skin cells are removed. 

Rinse them well, while making sure that their eyes are not covered with dog shampoo or soap. Use a clean, dry towel, and you can use a hair dryer to thoroughly dry their coat. You can comb their hair once it is dry to remove excess hair.

Choosing the right shampoo and soap that is right for your dog’s skin type is essential cause some dogs to have oily skin, and some have dry skin.