Can Pigs And Goats Live Together? Same Pen Or Larger Area

Two pigs on grass

It’s not unusual to see pigs and goats living together on a farm. In fact, it’s pretty common. But can they live together in the same pen? Yes, pigs and goats can live together in the same pen. However, generally it is not a good idea because the risks and disadvantages are large. If you … Read more

Can Pigs Eat Raw Potatoes? Answered By Veterinarian

Three pigs

You may have heard that you shouldn’t give raw potatoes to your dog, but what about pigs? Can they eat raw potatoes? It can be confusing trying to figure out which foods are safe for your pets and which ones are not. Pigs can eat raw potatoes, but it’s not recommended. Raw potatoes may contain … Read more

Why Do Pigs Smell Bad?

Pigs in hay

In America, you can see many people are raising pigs in their homes. But raising pigs in the home brings the ever presented challenge associated with their odours. But if you see then, you will notice that pig farming is one of the lucrative businesses. This business makes the corporation rich. So, if you are planning to raise pigs in your home ground … Read more

Why Do Pigs Toil In Mud In The Summer?

Two pigs in mud

Pigs are animals that don’t sweat and they tend to overheat or to have heat stroke as well, mostly during summer. They wallow in mud to keep themselves cool most especially during summer when it is humid, and there is not enough wind but plenty of heat going around.  Pigs overheat easily, so unless they … Read more