Will a Fox Eat a Pomeranian? (What You Need to Know)

If any dog breed has ever been compared to another animal in its appearance it is the Pomeranian. The appearance of a fox and a Pomeranian is thought to be the same by many people.

Foxes in the daytime shouldn’t be worried about – but if you are worried about them eating your Pomeranian dogs at night, here is what you must know. 

Can a Fox Attack a Small Pet Dog Like a Pomeranian?

Most dog breeds aren’t at any risk of getting attacked by foxes unless they threatened the young ones, but they should still not be left unattended outside – for a variety of safety concerns such as dog-napping and harassment. 

Tiny dog breeds such as Pomeranians, Shiatsu, Chihuahuas, etc. are generally vulnerable to harm from various predators like foxes, so it is important to monitor them closely when they’re outside. 

Do wild foxes pose a threat to dogs? There are more than 30 fox species around the world. Among all these species the most common ones are red foxes. Red fox species are the largest among all, and these are the only fox species that really can pose threat to little pet dogs

Does a Red Fox Attack a Pomeranian Dog?

Chances are that they won’t because red foxes are known to target animals of small size weighing less than 3.5 kg (7.7. lb). This rules out most dogs of conventional size. However, pet owners need to be more cautious about some large ones.

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Dogs like Chihuahuas get in such a weight bracket, so it is possible a red fox can attack a little dog in certain circumstances.

Being omnivores, foxes can have a mixture of animal and plant matter, but the diet can consist mostly of raw meat from the hunted animals. Animals that are hunted by foxes mostly are little mammals such as rabbits, mice, hamsters, and squirrels. 

Next in their prey line are different types of fishes, birds, reptiles, and even insects. 

Owners of miniature dog breeds like Chihuahuas and Poodles always need to bear caution because of their little size, and most dogs can potentially get attacked by foxes when they’re puppies. If you’re taming miniature dog breeds Pomeranian puppies, it would not be advisable to leave them unattended on the property when foxes are inside the local area.

Will Foxes Attack Dogs on a Leash?

There are no reported incidents where a fox attacked any dog kept on a leash. Also, foxes have fear of humans just like they’ve have of dogs, so the scenario of a fox attacking your grown-up Pomeranian dog for hunting seem nearly impossible.

Though the domesticated fox spices are known for attacking dogs compared to the wild ones, still they’re unpredictable animals.

Whether wild or not a fox can most likely attack your Pomeranian dog under the following circumstances:

  • For protecting their young ones from dog threat. Among the most likely reasons for foxes attacking dogs is when the fox protected younger babies. Also, foxes only breed once a year and remain protective of the young ones. Male foxes can often turn to hunting, while female fox, can stay with babies. If a fox makes a den inside or near your property, this can pose danger for your dog. When a vixen protects her young she can turn violent. 
  • When the fox starves. Foxes remain active in the early day hours and after dusk. Foxes can hunt daily and though they do not catch something always. When hungry fox encounters little dogs in these times, it would be possible for the fox to attack, and foxes have been reported to eat puppies when coming across.
  • When the foxes feel threatened. Almost all animals turn violent when they’re startled. Foxes typically don’t hunt animals that are half of their size, but it is common for them to respond aggressively when they’re off guard. 
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Would a Fox Eat Your Pomeranian Dog?

As by now you’ve guessed, the chances of your dog eating a fox would relatively be slim, depending on the dog’s size. The puppies are little dogs and remain at higher risk of getting eaten through a fox. However, the chances of a fox eating a dog would be there only when coming across a dead carcass.

How dangerous can foxes be to dogs?

Although a fox won’t eat your grown-up dog, it can be dangerous to them for other things such as:

  • Roundworm infection when dogs consume fox poop. 
  • Getting infected when a fox bites your dog.
  • Listeria and salmonella from fox poop
  • Possibility for rabies can also be there
  • Getting mange with close fox contact

Keep your dog away from foxes. If you’re still worried about your dog getting attacked through a fox, certain actions would protect the dog from a prospective attack happening. 

When walking your dog off the leash you can hang a bear bell. The bear bell lets the fox know that something is coming towards it.

Vaccinate the dog. Vaccinating pets ensure that your pet wouldn’t get a rabies infection after getting bitten by a fox.

Having ultrasonic deterrent. The machine is meant to set-up well and works through emitting sounds and flashing lights that can’t be heard but irritate foxes and various other wild animals. 

Remove food sources. With a food source available at your property, foxes will frequent them. For preventing this, it is vital to keep the dog food out of reach of the yard or garden, as hungry foxes can easily become attracted. Dog food can be easily left out and foxes can eat it. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want them in your garden.

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Install motion lights. Foxes remain active in early and late hours. They hunt a lot and stalk in dark. With motion sensor, they get startled enough for getting repelled away from the home and your pet dogs. 

Final Thoughts on Foxes and Pomeranians

While dogs and foxes have a lot in common, it doesn’t mean they get along well. Pet owners still have to take care of their pets as red foxes are widespread carnivores spread throughout the world. Also, wild carnivores don’t generally get along well with pet animals and the same case is with wild dogs. 

Most chances are that the fox would run away rather than attacking your dog. This would be true when your Pomeranian is of medium or larger size.

The ideal measure would be to keep the dog by your side on a leash if you doubt whether the fox is present in your area and seek animal control support if you’ve got a problem with a wild fox near your property.

After following all the necessary measures there shouldn’t be enough problems for your pet Pomeranian and you as well.

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