What Are Poodles Really Like In General? (The Important Facts)

Poodles are highly trainable dogs because they are one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs. They score high points during dog shows, and they often win during these contests because they pick on training easily.

They also have regal attitudes and talents plus impressive hairdos that most people love seeing. 

Poodle owners find them excelling in performance and have highly obedient personalities. They also outshine in their agility and know-how to hunt as well. 

Even though they are known as having a dignified personality of a dog, they are no snob cause they are people-friendly dogs who have a high attachment to their owners and family. They love to have a good time and want to be with their owners during trips and getaways. 

What Is A Poodles Personality Like?

Poodles are loving, loyal, and have a mischievous streak as well. They can be goofy sometimes, and when they are playing with their owner, they would always be up for fun times.

When you bring them outside to play, they will always have that eagerness just like in any other dogs, but they will show their fondness for people, as well as wanting to be petted and eager to please. 

When they are trained at a young age, they will have a calm disposition, though they will show their mischievousness, at times, this is still mild to a standard. They will always jump around and get excited, but they are just trying to burn off their energy. 

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They will show eagerness in meeting new people, and they are easy to warm up to them. They can be friendly with other dogs, but if they feel a threatening presence outside your house, they will also sound the alarm, cause they want to protect their family and their home from unwelcome people.

How Much Training And Exercise Does My Poodle Need?

They need early training so the wonderful traits will be instilled in them cause just like people, they can remember bad habits, and can bring that bad habits with them once they are older.

Their high intelligence can also have an unpleasant side to it cause if you don’t train them well, they can do what pleases them instead of their owners. Poodles can get spoiled at a young age, and they may think that they own you and will not have good canine manners. 

They can get bored as well and tend to be destructive. If you don’t keep your poodles occupied and will have too much energy, they will find other things to keep their mind off the boredom.

Your poodle can chew on things like your furniture or your appliance to pass off time. Poodles will demand your time, energy, and your attention. So you need to make sure that you have time to give. 

You can give them enough exercise as well, so a bigger space will be suited for them so they can have areas where they can run around and explore. They can live in apartments or condominiums as long as they get the necessary exercise as well.

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Will My New Poodle Get Along With My Children?

Poodles love the attention of their owners, and they love being the center of attention in the household. They can also get along with other animals or different dog breeds as long as you get them socialized properly.

Poodles can also get along with children, but just like other dog breeds, they can get annoyed by small kids who will pull on their tails, ears, or even their paws for no reason.

Some kids may even get curious and may take a bite on their ears, which can easily make any dog breed aggressive or wary. There should be supervision every time your poodle is around children, and children must be taught how to properly interact with dogs. 

They will mind being left alone for too long and can become neurotic, but they also would like a certain balance in the household as they also get stressed with too much chaos or too much noise inside the home. 

How To Keep A Poodle Active and Happy

Getting them toys to chew on or giving them their daily walk will be a big help to shave off that excess energy. They will also get a positive effect from a daily run or get enrolled in agility class.

Poodles were originally bred to hunt, so they will have that seeking quality and always run around because of their curious nature. Their energy will be there, and if you don’t use up that excess energy, you will have a stressed poodle that may lead to boredom and obesity. 

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With other dogs, the poodle can get close to them and can enjoy their company if your poodle got the socialization skills, and you had them trained for such.

Your poodle may need some time to get used to other dogs first if there is no training beforehand.

Poodles are happy eaters that when their owners present them with treats, they will react to it with such gusto. Your dog, intelligent as they are, will always ask for treats, and if you keep on giving them treats most of the time, they can become overweight – especially without activity.

They can live longer with plenty of exercise, where some live up to 17 years and others between 12 to 14 years. A few minutes of daily walk will do for them, especially for the smaller breed of poodles. You can bring them outside the house or have them run around your lawn. 

Poodles will live happily with no issues with their glorious fur. It will keep on growing, and if left unattended and ungroomed, it can become matted. This will be uncomfortable for your poodle and will not be healthy for them. You may also not notice skin issues if their fur is not maintained as it should.

Sometimes hotspots can happen due to dry, flaky skin and this can get uncomfortable for your dog and too itchy. The tendency for a skin lesion to appear is high as well. Getting their fur maintained is another key to keeping your poodle living a happy and healthy life. 

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