How Much Exercise Does A Poodle Need?

Poodles come in three sizes; there is the Toy, Miniature, and Standard size. Although they differ in size, their affectionate and loving nature does not vary. 

Just like any other dog breeds, Poodles also require exercise, and the length will depend on what size of Poodle you have. 

They require more than just the daily walk, but rather a daily activity that will do them good. Making sure that they are getting the right amount of exercise, according to size is the key. It is not also helpful to strain your Poodle during activity, as this will be more harmful to them. 

The ideal length of time for your Poodle is at least 45 minutes to an hour of a daily walk. This is the most basic and low impact without putting much stress on their small bodies. You are also making sure that their muscles, bones, and joints are healthy cause this will keep them up and going up to their older years. 

You can start with shorter walks if you like so you can have your Poodle get used to walking first, then you can add more minutes as they build their stamina and yours.

Walking your dog is not only good for them, but your health as well, and, at the same time, this is your moment to bond with them, and you will get better results just by doing walks around your neighborhood. 

Walking will also benefit your dog, and you need not spend anything on other stuff, but you must invest in a comfortable leash, and harness cause you don’t want to be caught running after your dog when their leash suddenly got cut off while you are having your daily walks. 

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Benefits Of Daily Exercise For Your Poodle

  • Reduces boredom and anxiety. When your dogs are bored and feeling anxious, you will find them getting destructive by chewing on furniture or any stuff they see. You can prevent this from happening if you give them their daily exercise. 
  • Beneficial to their bone, joints, and ligaments. It is good for them to have their exercise cause you are at the same time preventing any eventual health issues that may concern their joints, ligaments, and bone health. Their daily activity will also get them used to moving and not just sleeping on the couch. 
  • It lowers their blood pressure, gives them a stronger heart, and have a lower risk of depression. Sometimes the common behavioral problems of dogs arise from doing nothing and just staying in their bed all day. Their overall health suffers as well if there is no daily routine. Preventing eventual health issues should be your focus. 
  • They get to socialize with other dogs. When you let them out to exercise, you are also letting them socialize with other dogs, and they can see other people as well. This will help in their behavior by getting used to seeing other dogs and people instead of being cooped up inside the house. 

You are giving them the right stimulation by letting them out and being exposed to their surroundings. This will give them added confidence, which is significant to the overall health of the dog. 

Burns excess calories. Exercising them will burn extra calories, and their excess energy will be used up as well. Having excessive energy may sometimes leave the dog restless, so they don’t behave around the house. 

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Burning their excess calories will ensure that you are preventing them from obesity. 

What Will Happen To Your Poodle (Or Other Dogs) Without Exercise?

Sometimes lead to aggressive behavior. As the dog is not letting off their excess energy, they don’t know what to do with it. Your dog becomes restless, agitated, and anxious. This can lead to aggressive behavior, not just to other people, to other dogs, but their owners as well. 

Causes Destructive Behavior. You may find your pet suddenly acting strange, or they may act out by chewing on stuff and destroying things you own. This is their way to send you a message that they are bored and they want to have their exercise time. Give them what they need, even half an hour a day would suffice if you really are pressed for time. 

You are preventing any issues that can add up later on.

Poor indoor habits. Sometimes they will show their restlessness by how they behave inside the house. They may pee in areas where they are not supposed to, or they may even poop where they shouldn’t. This arises when your Poodle is frustrated, and they are not doing anything the whole day. 

Since Poodles are an energetic breed, they need to have an outlet to use their energy. Simply walking them, letting them run around your yard, or just playing fetch with them will be a big help and something that will not take too much of your time. 

Weight Gain. You may notice your Poodle getting a bit rounder, and they seem to have gotten heavier. Non-exercise may be the culprit. Weight gain will happen if you are feeding them the same amount, but not giving them enough time to exercise.

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You may need to watch their diet by providing them just the right amount and give them a few minutes of the walk outside. Your dog will live longer this way. 

Frequent whining and barking. This is another behavior that you can avoid if you give them the needed exercise that they require. Your poodle will start whining for no reason, looking at the door, jumping on the furniture, all to get your attention. 

If you see your dogs doing these things, maybe it is time to give them the attention (and exercise) that they are longing for. 

Difficult to control outside. This is another sign that your Poodle is not getting enough time out to explore and be active. You will find them difficult to control once you get them outside as if it is their first time out after a few years. This is because they have too much excitement with such activity since they are not getting it as often. 

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