Is Pomeranian A Friendly Dog? (What You Need to Know)

Having a height of approximately 8 inches and a weight of around 5 pounds, the Pomeranian can be considered to be a genuine “toy” dog in every sense.

These pooches are recognizable easily by their foxy face along with alert and prick ears as well as luxuriant fluffy double coating.

The shape of the body is almost square while the fluffy tail is going to curl up the back.

Finally, his appearance is completed by a thick ruff surrounding the neck while the head is almost rounded in shape with a distinctive muzzle. These canines are available in a wonderful range of colors as well.

Personality: Pomeranians are usually small-sized dogs who are friendly in nature. They are active pooches who require exercise on a regular basis even though it might only be walking around the block.

Pomeranians are likewise quite intelligent and will perform extremely well while participating in obedience competitions. Once they become old, they can turn out to be genuinely lap dogs.

Below we will discuss in detail how Pomeranians behave with other dogs and also children which will help to understand whether they are truly friendly in their attitude or not.

Are Pomeranians Friendly With Other Pooches?

Once you introduce another dog to your family, it can provide your family members with lots of love and joy and it will also be a fantastic companion to your existing pet which is a Pomeranian.

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This will be especially true in case you leave your residence while going to your workplace along with other members of your family. However, you should be concerned about the fact whether the Pomeranian will be able to accept the idea of being not the only dog in the family.

In case your Pomeranian is well socialized, he will be able to enjoy the company of the second dog as well. In fact, it has been observed that on some occasions a Pomeranian and a German Shepherd are able to get along with each other properly.

Nevertheless, since your Pom is small in size, it will be a good idea to go for another toy breed like a Toy Poodle, Pug, Shih Tzu, Maltese, or another Pom.

At this point, the question might arise in your mind whether Pomeranians are friendly with other canines. It is a fact that some Poms have the ability to socialize with other pooches while others are not that friendly after all.

There are certain friendly dogs out there who will be able to get along easily with other pooches they come across and you do not need to make any effort to get the job done.

Sadly, the behavior of the Pomeranians might often include being aggressive, dominant, and bossy implying that they can cause some trouble while playing with other dogs out there.

Do not take for granted that a compact-sized Pomeranian will not become a problem for the other pooches; in spite of being small, they are not often aware of that fact.

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This implies that a Pom will not hesitate to challenge a dog which is several times his size. This can be applicable in the case of large pooches such as German Shepherds or Labradors as well.

Below, we have provided several reasons why your Pomeranian might not be able to become friends with other pooches.

Poor socialization skills

Since Pomeranians are not friendly in nature with other dogs, it is important for them to spend a considerable amount of time with other dogs when they are young so that they can become comfortable in the long run.

In case they spend some time with the other canines and the experience is a positive one, they will not become suspicious or defensive as adults.

It will be a good idea to take your puppy to the park for some walks or enroll him in an obedience school. Invite your buddies who own other dogs to introduce their pets to your Pomeranian.

Your Poodle is scared

Although it will be a good idea to bring one more pooch to your family, it can cause some stress to your existing Pomeranian since he might not like that change.

He might be seeing the dog as his competitor for your attention, affection, food, and toys. In this way, he can become anxious and scared and this will force him to become unfriendly to the new dog.

Your Poodle is Not the Pack Leader

Your Pom might regard himself as the leader of the pack, and due to this mentality, he might clash with the other pooches who they believe are the leaders of their own packs.

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The other dog is viewed by your Pomeranian as an intruder in his territory and this will make him quite defensive in the long run. It is essential for you to establish yourself as a leader of the pack since it will free your pet to make friendship with other canines.

Are Pomeranians Friendly With Kids?

In case you want to adopt a dog whose size is not intimidating, then a Pomeranian will be the ideal solution for you. He can easily be picked up by the kids in your family who can go for walking along with the pooches without any risk of escaping since they can be easily handled by the children.

However, one cannot deny the fact that small pooches can be fragile. It is important to teach your kids how to pick them up properly, how to play with them in a friendly manner, how to walk them, and also perform other chores that might hurt them if not done correctly.

Your Pomeranian is not a big-sized pooch with whom you can wrestle according to your likings.

Since Pomeranians are fragile, you will not be advised to get a baby puppy as your pet particularly if there are young kids in your family. Rather, try to go for an older Pom pup who is more than 6 months of age. However, you need to supervise your kids while they’re interacting with Pomeranian puppies.

They should also be reminded that small dogs are not as powerful as the bigger ones. In case a Pom becomes frightened, he might escape and hide somewhere while refusing to come out.