Why do Some People Like Cats More than Dogs? (4 Main Reasons)

It’s the age old question: cats or dogs? People have been keeping both as companion animals for thousands of years, yet there still seems to be much debate over why some people prefer one over the other. Why do some people like cats over dogs?

What it comes down to is the type of companionship you like, the amount of time you have to spend on a pet and what your life situation looks like.

Still, there are many unexplained reasons why some people like cats more than dogs. 

If you’re a die-hard dog love, you may wonder how some people can like cats more than dogs, maybe you’ve never understood the appeal of cats, or are just trying to balance it out and decided which pet might be best for you and your lifestyle.

Well, hopefully this will help!

Pets are Time-Consuming

They type of pet a person chooses is heavily influenced by what their needs are going to be and how much time they have to care for a pet.

Typically, cats take up less time than dogs; they don’t have to be walked, are more independent and are less likely to develop separation anxiety when left alone. Someone who has to leave for long periods of time might choose a cat, since they know they will be okay by themselves for a while.

Some people might like cats more because they don’t need to be walked; especially if you live somewhere with extreme weather. Even if your cat likes the outdoors, they can be let out and back in at their convenience. 

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A person might like the company of cats because less is more with them; most cats don’t like to be cuddled and pet all day, and they aren’t shy about letting you know when they’ve had enough.

This doesn’t mean that cats don’t have needs like dogs do, they certainly like attention when they want it, but it isn’t at the same level of an energetic dog breed.

Some people simply don’t have the time in their lives to have a dog, which makes cats the better option, and that’s why they tend to like them more.

Life Conditions Affect Pet Choice

People are often getting pets not just for themselves, but also for their families.

When we think of family pets, the first thought is often to go to dogs, since they are energetic and lovable, just like kids are. However, cats are better for some families – often families with young children will get a cat, because there is responsibility involved but not as much as some dogs take.

Another interesting trend is that many children with developmental delays or who are on the autism spectrum prefer the calmer energy of cats to dogs.

Different kids and families have different needs, and sometimes that can look like needing a cat over a dog, which is why cats can be the perfect family pet for some. 

Another life condition that can affect the type of pet you have is space, many apartment buildings or condos don’t allow dogs, but they do allow cats.

This is because cats generally produce less damage than dogs, since they are smaller overall and less hyperactive (not to say that cats can’t be a handful, they certainly can). Some people choose to get a cat because its their only choice for a pet, and end up loving them, and cats in general, a lot more than they did before.

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Even if someone’s apartment or condo building allows dogs, people might choose cats because you need less space in general to keep a cat than a dog, and they don’t want to have a pet that feels cramped in a small space. 

People Decide Between Cat and Dog Based on Energy

It may seem silly at first, but certain people just find cats more appealing than dogs because of their energy.

They are certainly two very different types of animal one is a pack-animal that likes the company of others and one is a solitary hunter that thrives alone. These facts produce very different energies that some people are more suited to than others.

Some might say that they just get along better with cats, maybe because they need the energy of another solitary, independent being or because it is a nice balance for them. 

On the flip side, a dog’s energy just might not be right for some people; maybe they don’t like constant interaction and need a more calming presence in their lives, which is why they may gravitate towards cats.

It all comes down to personal choice and what energy and lifestyle best suits someone when it comes to which type of pet they prefer.

When it comes to what cats offer differently from dogs they tend to be calmer and are notoriously more independent, which is the right type of energy for some people. 

Why do People Like Cats More Than Dogs?

In the end, some people like cats over dogs because it feels right for them. There are lots of external reasons why someone might choose a cat over a dog.

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These are things like how much time a person has, what their living situation is like, the individual needs of people in their family or what they feel is missing from their lives.

Another factor is allergies, some people are allergic to dogs but not cats and vice versa, which can be a pretty good reason why someone would prefer one over the other.

What’s important to remember is that it all comes down to personal choice and what feels best. You never know why someone prefers one pet over the other; it’s always possible that they had a traumatic experience or they just don’t like dogs or cats.

It’s pretty easy to figure out which pet is better between cats and dogs if you reflect on your personal situation and what feels best for you; plus at the end of the day, you can always like both!

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