How Much Exercise Do Irish Setters Need? (4 Best Exercises)

Answer: An Irish Setter requires at least an hour to two hours of exercise because they are a highly energetic breed and will be thankful if you give them their daily exercise and exhilarating activities.

If you want your Irish Setter to live a long and healthy life, make sure that he is getting the exercise he needs.

They enjoy running or jogging, and even just a brisk walk will do for them. Irish Setters will become restless if we do not meet their activity needs. They sometimes show some behavioral issues at home if they can’t consume their energy outside the house.

An Irish Setter is not for you if all the exercise you do is going to and from the fridge to get something to eat. You would be better off with some lazy dog breeds.

A big backyard to run around every day would be something your Irish Setter will look forward to. But be aware that this dog was originally a hunting dog, they can get distracted by anything that moves in your backyard and may come chasing after any other animal that runs.

5 Best Activities And Exercises For Your Irish Setter

Play Fetch

Since your Irish Setter are once honed to search and retrieve, they can benefit from this activity. You can have a ball and let them chase it and bring it back after. Another item you can use is a frisbee or other toy you can purchase from the dog store near you.

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For first-time fetchers, make sure that you are familiarizing them first with the activity, or else you will wait the entire day for them to give the ball back. Let them smell the ball and then throw the ball while commanding them to go get it.

Throw it at a short distance first, and then adding a few distances as you move along.

There should be treats every time your dog comes back with the ball cause this will encourage them and show them they are doing something right.


Find a dog-friendly lake that can accommodate your dog while you both wade at the shore’s edge. Irish Setters love to swim, so you won’t have any issues with your dog getting afraid when they see the water.

You can either put a leash on your dog, or you may not, depending on your preference, but as long as the lake accepts dogs that run freely, then you have nothing to worry about.


This is a simple task for them cause they will find it natural to go with you outside that instead of walking, they will jog. You need to show them how it is done until they will imitate your jogging moves. They may just run around the neighborhood instead if you let them, though.

Jogging can be a lot of fun for your Irish Setters cause they get to see other people and other dogs in the neighborhood, and they can socialize with them as well.

Get them used to people passing by and to other dogs, and in a few weeks, your dog will be the most popular in your community.

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Brisk Walking

You can take out your dog for their daily walk and get them to exercise for an hour or so. This will benefit your Irish Setter as they get to have a healthy bone, heart, and joints.

Get them a leash that has a comfortable pad where required. A sturdy harness should be your option as well. Buy nothing too restricting for your dog, or they may also get sores and skin lesions with an improper fitting collar, leash, and harness.

Problems That You Prevent When You Exercise Your Irish Setter


Pets that are overweight are becoming more common nowadays. This is because some owners do not have the time to walk their dogs or play with them. If you don’t have the time to also look after your Irish Setters activity needs, then this dog may not be the best fit for you.

It is crucial to them as making sure that they are well fed. They suffer from the same issues that humans have when they are overweight.

Bone and Joint Problems

Your dog will benefit more from exercise than it will from sitting on the couch. Their bone health, for one, will benefit, and their joints will be as healthy for long periods as compared to a dog that doesn’t exercise at all.

Since they bred this dog to hunt, they are a natural runner, climber, and such. Not letting them do activities may also shorten their life span.

Heart Problems

Just like humans who have uncontrolled weight, a dog may also suffer from heart problems in the long run, that you keep him obese. He will not have enough energy to move around and will also not have the focus they are supposed to have for an Irish Setter.

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Check up with the vet is your best option so you can help your dog with maintaining an ideal weight.

Other Health Issues

Other dogs have their health issues, and it is not just focused on the Irish Setter, but they would have a better chance of living a long life with exercise to back them up.

One other thing that you don’t want on your plate is a bored dog, having behavioral issues, being destructive, and worse if your Irish Setter is showing signs of aggressiveness.

You need to act fast when such issues arise. Sometimes the dog is just too bored at home, and they have lots of unspent energy. They need to release that energy through exercise and activity so they can be well-behaved and they won’t have the energy to act out at home.

It would be best to also ask the help of the vet during your dog’s scheduled check-up for any advice they can give you on how to exercise your dog.

Even if it is just half an hour a day of exercise would be good, as compared to them not having any stimulating activity.

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