What Is It Like To Have a Ragdoll Cat As a Pet? All You Need To Know

Ragdoll cats are laid back, relaxed, and want to be beside their owners. They are also affectionate, gentle, and highly intelligent. Ragdoll cats can get along with the entire family, even kids. 

When you bring home another pet, ragdoll cats can share the space amicably without showing aggression. Often, you will see the ragdoll cats getting along with other pets, not just cats. 

They also have no issue with being held, hugged, or being cuddled cause ragdolls respond favorably to it. 

What To Expect When You Have a RagdollCat?

Since ragdoll cats are affectionate, they also crave attention from their owners. They love to be on their lap, and they are happy when they see their owner’s home more often. 

They are the type of cat who will sit on the couch with you when you need company, without hesitation. 

Ragdolls Love Their Toys

You should provide them enough toys of a different variety. They need to have something to jump on, scratch, nip, or something to climb on. Ragdoll cats also love to play with balls, so you should get them a few. 

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When they are playing, ragdoll cats can go at it for hours, and you can do something else while your cat is getting themselves busy. 

They Continuously Grow Until Their Fourth Year

Ragdoll cat would like a diet that will provide the required protein during their growing period. They will continue growing until they are four years old, and their food should be enough that they will not want more. 

They need a ration of food at least thrice a day with some snacks they can nibble on. 

They should not be overfed cause they can become obese. 

A visit to the vet will ensure you are providing the best amount of food for your ragdoll cat, and the vet can monitor their growth. 

Ragdolls Are Easy To Train

Ragdoll cats can learn simple tricks and are known to play fetch with their owners. They can also walk outside with a leash with their humans. 

They also know how to communicate their needs with their human, and they are very vocal when they need something from them. 

Ragdoll cats can also communicate with their humans if they want attention from them. 

Ragdoll Cats Have a Low Noise Level

They differ from other cats who will keep on meowing to get attention. You won’t even know they are there, and you will hear them when they are hungry, asking you to feed them. 

They Are Submissive

When you carry most of them, they act floppy and go limp like a rag doll, hence they gain the name. 

You can carry them anywhere, and they will submissively stay put. If you want a cuddly cat, the ragdoll cat is the best candidate. 

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This Cat Loves To Play

They have a playful nature, which is why they are tolerant of children. When they have a playmate, they will become active, veering away from their sleepy stance and shows their energy. 

A child can play fetch with them or a game of chase. 

Their gentle and docile personality makes them the perfect pet, even for families with small kids. 

However, some young kids may pull and push the cat, hurting them in the process. It is best to have an adult look after a tiny child playing with your ragdoll cat. 

Kids who are respectful, caring, and patient with a ragdoll cat will have fun moments with them. 

Ragdoll Cats Are Happy Indoors

Some cats would roam around in the garden or the neighborhood. You may also find it hard to look for them when they escaped from home. 

Ragdoll cats, however, can stay indoors and laze around. They will not bother to run around the garden or chase after other cats when they have a comfortable place to lounge. 

It is also not a good idea to let them out because of their friendly and trusting nature and become victims to thieves.

They Are Not Fond Of Climbing High Areas

This cat prefers to stay on the floor and doesn’t like to look at its owners from the top of the ceiling or on top of the cabinets. They would rather play on the ground rather than causing havoc with your curtains or cabinets. 

Fond Of Water

Ragdoll cats are not like other cats who abhor getting wet or getting drenched in water. This cat will run for it instead of avoiding it. They are cats who also like to take a bath, play with the water in the tub, even try that water on the toilet bowl. 

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They Are Like Dogs

You will see this cat following you wherever you go. When you are about to sleep, you will find them getting to the bed first or sleeping cushion. This cat will also greet you when you arrive, cuddle with you while watching TV, wait for you to finish with your bath, and even accompany you while you eat. They can even carry their favorite toy to your room before you go to sleep. 

Expect Beautiful And Plush Ragdoll Fur

They have a plush coat and can come in a variety of shades and patterns. 

Their coat is also silky and soft, and grooming is not frequently required as long as you keep the knots and tangles low. 

They Hate Being Alone

This cat will thrive more when they are around their family. They don’t like being left alone cause they tend to show behavioral problems if left for too long. They would rather be with their owners outside than being left alone inside the house. 

Ragdoll Cats Are Easy To Get Along With Dogs

Sometimes you may think that dogs and cats can’t co-exist inside a house, and they will fight most of the time. 

Ragdoll cats can live with dogs, particularly the Beagle, Collie, Golden Retriever, Pug, and more. 

These dogs are highly sociable, and they can get along well with the ragdoll cat.