What Is The Reason Pigs Are Always Fat? (How To Prevent Pig Obesity)

Pigs have a natural instinct to keep on eating. If we present them with food, they will not hesitate to eat even if they just did a few minutes ago and if they are still full.

When you give them an unlimited supply of food, there is only one way for them – to get fat and obese.

The wild boar live a natural lifestyle, as compared to the domestic pigs cause the wild boar will eat and burn calories, at the same time. They have the freedom to explore, and they can get lean when they are free to roam around and burn what they eat.

  • Domestic pigs can become obese, as long as you feed them nonstop, they will keep on getting this excess weight. The owner of these pigs must be the one to keep them off the excessive feeding and give them exercise.
  • Just like dogs, they also need activity, and enough stimulation so they can lose weight. But the thing with pigs is that they don’t have sweat glands, and can feel the heat easily, and most of them can get heatstroke when exposed to sunlight. They should not be exposed to too much activity for long periods.
  • When the domestic pigs are not trained to go outside and exercise, they will tend to get fat, and their metabolism will not be as active. If the food you give them is still the same less the exercise, this food will become fat straight away.
  • When pigs have big bellies and cheeks that are rounder, people think that this is their natural form, but pigs shouldn’t have such condition where their faces are surrounded with fat cheeks and puffy jowls. This only means that they are fed too much, but given less or no exercise.
  • When pigs are given unhealthy food and fed almost anything available. The ingredients that are included with the feeds may not be healthy, where some are with fillers to make the pigs grow fat fast at a shorter time. 
  • Pigs are also naturally slow, so they will prefer to eat, sleep and poop as needed. They will prefer to have no interaction with people or other animals, but would rather be sound sleep most of the time they are not eating. This is causing them to continue getting that excess weight.
  • When the pig’s environment is not right for them, and they cannot move around or walk around the area, then this is another problem with their living conditions. Pigs should have space where they are free to move and roam around, they are not to be confined in an area where all they can do is sleep and eat. They will not stay active cause there are no opportunities for such. When the domestic pigs are only fed, they will grow at a fast pace, then obesity will naturally occur.
  • Pigs also have this muscle area where they can look fat since they have short legs. They tend to look rounder because of their body symmetry, which is not proportionate to their legs. You can tell if your pig is overweight if their belly drags on the ground, they have large facial jowls, fat surrounding the eye area with ears pushed forward pulled by fat.
  • They are given too many treats besides excessive feeding. Pigs will get used to the treats, and can sometimes act out wanting more. If you don’t give them treats as scheduled, they will show objection. These treats cause them to gain more weight in the long run. Once the owner gets used to giving them their daily ration of treats, the tendency is to keep adding more to this extra food.
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How To Prevent Your Pig From Getting Fat

  • Refrain from giving them treats. Do not give them any, even if you are used to giving them and even if they act out wanting you to provide them some. There should be no food in between feeds. The pigs should be given their regular food as scheduled. 
  • Decrease their pig food intake. We should give them food high in fiber so they will be fuller. Each day the food ration must be decreased. Spread the food around their bowl or food container, so they will have more time to finish their food. Once the healthy weight is reached, you may return to their normal feeding.
  • Try to get the pigs moving. Although an obese pig may not like this, you must do what you must, to get them to move. If you plan to exercise the pigs, get them moving when there is not much sunlight, so your pigs will not exhaust themselves quickly. Provide water as well, so they can have their fill as needed. Remember that pigs heat up because they don’t have sweat glands, so you must be observant when your pigs have enough exercise and activity.
  • Follow the schedule. Have a steady schedule that you can follow for their exercise so your pigs can get used to it. Their food must also be kept tight, and no excessive feeding must be given to them even if the pigs are acting hungry all the time. As long as you make sure that you are feeding them pig food as scheduled and providing them the nourishment they need, your pigs are on the right track.
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It Will Take Time For Your Pig To Loose Excess Weight

Remember that this is not a brief journey cause your pig may even act out for the first few days or weeks before you can see them moving as they should.

You can expect them to move at the slow pace and be patient cause that is how pigs react to exercise. They will not just embrace the activity, but rather it will take time for them till you can see them roaming around with energy because they are slowly reaching their healthy weight.

Progress will usually take as long as eight months to a year, some may even take longer. Patience is the key.

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