How Bad Does a Siberian Husky Shed? Expert Advice

When your husky starts blowing their coat, you should be ready to clean. The next few weeks will keep you busy. 

Huskies shed, but unlike other dog breeds, they do so twice a year. It happens when they shed their undercoat during summer and then during fall. Shedding lasts up to 6 weeks or even longer for other huskies. 

You can ignore the fur for a few days, but you can no longer hold cleaning it cause it will surely cover your furniture, your bed, the floor, and even the entire house. 

Their fur coat provides natural insulation against the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Their fur also protects them against sunburn. Shedding is a natural process, and there is no way around it. 

How To Minimize Huskies Shedding

Brush them often. It should be a routine to you as you brush their fur daily. This will cut back shedding, stops the fur from spreading in the entire house, it also prevents matting. There are other advantages you get from brushing, as you keep your husky from smelling.

Brushing must be at least 15 to 20 minutes daily so you can catch the loose fur before it falls to the ground. Huskies are also prone to matting, and this is what you should also avoid. 

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Prepare the tools you need before every session, and find a place where you can do the brushing without having the fur spread everywhere. Some husky owners prefer brushing their dogs inside the house, far from furniture, or away from the bedroom. This will limit the spread of fur compared to doing it outside the house. 

Brush Your Husky’s Fur The Right Way

Make sure that your husky is comfortable and you are in a suitable area in your house. Do not pull on your husky’s fur while you are combing or brushing them cause this will lead them to feel that the activity is an unpleasant experience. 

Use the brush in the right direction of hair growth and not against it cause you will pull on their fur this way. Comb and brush each section carefully and massage your dog’s skin after every brushing. 

Perfect grooming tools

  • Undercoat Rake
  • Deshedding Shampoo
  • Deshedding Tool
  • Fur Dryer

Bathe Your Husky

When you bathe your husky, you are de-shedding them. You can bathe them with warm water while using a de-shedding shampoo. You can then blow-dry their fur after. This way, you are removing their loose undercoat further. Brushing after is ideal. 

Check For Skin Problems

While you are bathing your husky, you can also check if they have any underlying skin problems cause this is also a reason for your husky to shed too much. 

This way you can have it checked by the vet after and prevent it from worsening. 

The vet will provide medicated shampoo or prescribe some medicine for your husky. 

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Use a Vacuum to Suck Out Excess Fur 

Some huskies liked having their fur vacuumed, and they can stay still even with the accompanying sound. There are loose hairs that vacuums can suck out gently and fast.

Never shave your husky

Shedding is a natural occurrence in your husky, and you should not have them shaved at the groomers. It can expose your husky to heat or extreme cold, and they don’t have their fur to protect them. They can also get sunburned and bare to insect and bug bites. 

Their fur helps them regulate their body temperature, and if you shave it, you are just adding up to the problem instead of finding a solution. 

Provide Your Husky With Nutritious And Quality Foods

Your husky’s shedding may worsen if you feed them unhealthy food. 

When they are shedding, and have no proper diet, they can suffer from allergy or skin irritation. Being fed the wrong food can heighten the shedding. 

Huskies also have sensitivity to certain foods that leads to skin dryness and causes more shedding. 

Minimize your dog’s stress

Some dogs suffer from temporary stress, and this is also another reason it triggers shedding. Your dog may suffer from behavioral issues or may be fearful of something. When the shedding season comes, and you pair this with stress, your dog will surely shed a lot. 

This can also happen when it is not supposed to be their shedding season, but just because of the factor that triggers hair loss, your husky may also start shedding. 

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You can do the following to stop stress in your husky

  • Provide enough exercise – Not giving them time for exercise can trigger stress in your dogs. They can’t release their energy, and they are confined inside the house. If the weather permits, you should let them out in the yard or walk them around the neighborhood. 
  • Keep their sleeping quarters away from noise – Dogs can also get surprised by the noise and chaos in their surroundings. When your dog doesn’t have the ideal space to sleep comfortably and quietly, this can lead to stress and again, lead to more shedding. 
  • Supply them with toys and entertainment – Your husky can also get bored, and if they are always left alone in the house, they might get anxious and annoyed. Providing some stimulating toys for them is fitting, as it will help them pass the time the fun way. 

Shedding in your husky is a natural occurrence, and it is inevitable. You cannot stop it from happening, but the right management will lessen your stress about the spread of their fur. However, look out for excessive shedding. This can be a health concern, and it is best to check it out early on before anything worsens. 

Sometimes it is a nutritional deficiency, or it is a sign of allergy, even a sign of parasites such as fleas and ticks. 

Anything excessive should be a cause for alarm and requires a check-up by the vet. You should know your pet very well, and you can catch these things ahead by watching and observing them closely.