What Is The Difference Between Guppies And Betta Fish? (9 Differences)

Both guppies and Betta fish are extremely popular fishes and they are found in most of the aquariums in homes, offices, and commercial places.

They are colorful and playful and they make excellent pets. They light up the environment in more ways than one and help the pet owners to also enjoy some great time with these pets.

However, for many decades and perhaps even centuries, many people often get confused between guppy and betta fish. This is because of various reasons.

The understanding of both guppy and betta is not very clear for many of us. Further, there are some common things between these two fishes as far as these two types of fishes are concerned.

They look the same and in terms of color, fins, and other such attributes there could be a few things in common. However, at the same time, there are also some obvious differences between the two types of fishes.

Our effort in this article is to try and inform customers and give some information that may help them to identify the main differences between guppies and betta fish. It also may help them make the right decision between choosing betta fish and guppies.

Main Characteristics of Betta Fish

Betta fish are also known as beta fish belongs to the Siamese fighting fish. Its name perhaps has been derived from the scientific name Betta Spiendens.

That is perhaps the reason why this type of fish is also called fighting fish in Thailand. They are known for their fierce and aggressive temperament.

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These types of fishes are also compared to the rice paddies of Thailand and Cambodia.

Beta fishes grow around 2.4 inches or around 6.0 cm and some varieties reach up to 3.1 inches. However, these instances are rare because such large-sized betta fishes are reared artificially through gene manipulation and other such techniques.

Main Characteristics of Guppy Fish

On the other hand, let us look at some attributes and qualities, and features of guppy fish. Guppy fish is also known as million fish. This is because of their fantastic capacity to reproduce and that too rapidly.

The scientific name for guppy is Poecilia Reticulata. It is from the Caribbean islands and South America.

The female variants grow up to a length of around 4 to 6 cm long. On the other hand, the male guppy fishes can grow up to 2.1/2 to 3.1/2 cm long.

It is used not only as a pet but also is considered to be extremely effective in controlling mosquitoes. This is because guppies feed on mosquito larvae. Hence, it is also known to be effective for controlling and preventing mosquito-related diseases.

Though guppy fishes have some excellent qualities, they are also known to cause harm to other types of fishes.

The female guppies are ready to conceive again within a few hours of giving birth to the little ones. This is because female guppies have the special ability to store male sperm.

Hence, even if they may have copulated with male guppies only once, they have the capacity of breeding over and over again using the same sperm bank that is stored inside them.

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Bettas Breedings Habits

On the other hand, betta fishes are also prolific egg layers and they are also referred to as bubble nesters.

When the eggs are released by the female betta fishes, they are chased away by the male variants.

The males take good care of the bubbles of eggs and ensure that the eggs hatch properly with minimal loss of eggs.

Further, betta fishes engage in a special type of dance and this is also referred to as the nuptial embrace. This is very different from how guppies mate. Male and female guppies mate in a rapid and quick fashion and the mating lasts barely for a few seconds.

9 Top Differences between Betta Fish And Guppies

  • Betta fish is from Thailand while guppy is supposed to be native of The Caribbean and South America and various Latin American countries.
  • Guppy fishes breed easily, regularly, and are more prolific as far as their birth habits are concerned. They breed by the hundreds and the females are ready for the next breeding within a few hours of the first breeding of fishes.
  • Guppy fishes are, however, considered to be easy as far as maintenance and upkeep are concerned.
  • Betta fishes breed in much smaller quantities and therefore they need to be maintained properly, failing which they will die in large numbers.
  • Guppy fishes are classified as livebearers when it comes to breeding. On the other hand, Betta fishes are considered to be bubble nesters and egg layers.
  • Male betta fishes are known for their extreme aggression and comparatively guppy fishes are considered to be docile and easy to keep in an aquarium along with other fishes.
  • Betta fishes have a special type of ritual which is often referred to as a nuptial dance. This looks wonderful and in comparison, guppy fishes are known to mate fiercely and speedily. The entire mating ritual for male and female guppies lasts for just a few seconds and unless you are extremely careful, you will for sure miss out on their mating activities.
  • When it comes to color there are enough reasons to believe that betta fishes are considered to be more colorful and bright. They look gorgeous. On the other hand, guppies also come in some bright colors but in terms of body design, shape, and other attributes betta fishes are likely considered to be a much better option.
  • Guppy fishes help in protecting human beings against mosquitoes because they are voracious eaters of mosquito larva. However, this is not the case as far as Betta fish is concerned, they are more for show and can add a lot of color to your aquarium, however small or big it might be.
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To sum up, there is no doubt that both guppies and betta fishes are excellent pets in homes and other places.

However, when it comes to utility there are reasons to believe that guppies could be a better option because they help fight mosquito proliferation quite effectively.

Betta fishes are more colorful, breed much less in numbers and are also extremely aggressive, especially the male variants.

Hence, if you wish to keep betta fishes in your homes, you should ensure that they are kept separately or with bigger-sized fishes so that fights do not take place regularly.