Why Do Betta Fish Get Excited To See You?

Bettas can be a fun pet to care for because they can also recognize the person who often feeds them. They give their greeting to their owners by showing excitement in the way they swim and by not hiding when their owners are near.

You would often see them swimming in front of the tank when they recognize their owners, and they associate your presence with being fed.

We consider bettas having an excellent memory, and they can remember people, and they can also do association. So, if an owner is near the fish tank, they will think that they are going to be fed after. If you are away for some time, do not worry cause your betta fish will surely remember you.

Here Are Some Ways You Can Bond With Your Betta

Keep Their Tank Where They Can See You

Your betta fish appreciate a high traffic part of the house, so do not place them at the back of the kitchen or the side of the garage. You can place them in the living room or even at the side of the dining room.

Do not just keep them in one place, but move their tank around, so there is a change in scenery, and this will also make it easy for you to be near the tank and appreciate your betta.

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Give Them a Pleasant Name

When you go near the fish tank, and you started to bond with your betta fish, having a name to call them makes a big difference in their interaction with you. You can easily bond with your fish since you have a name that you can call them.

You will notice them giving you some attention as well, and this should be something to make you happy as you are bonding with your betta.

Stimulate Your Betta Fish With Colorful Pictures and Images

Change of scenery is not only by changing the location of the tank, but also by pasting some colorful pictures outside the tank. Your betta will surely appreciate this and will feel more content in their tank.

Play with them

  • When you place your finger outside the tank, your betta will follow it or get close to it on the other side of the tank. You can let your betta fish follow your fingers just like a good pet. This is their way of playing with you and shows that they want to interact with you.
  • Another trick is by using plastic, and a light ball that is colorful. You can also use a ping-pong ball during playtime. Your betta will get close to the ball and will try to nuzzle it. They may also swim around the ball and interact with it.
  • Placing your finger in the water is another game that your betta will surely follow. Just let your finger touch the surface of the water, and then your betta will show interest by touching your finger by nuzzling it. What you can do further is to put some fish food on your fingers so the betta can smell and would recognize the food in your fingers as well.
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Train Them

With the help of some treats, you can help train your bettas during your bonding time. You can place a few pellets in the tank, and your fingers can keep it closed until the fish takes the food. Soon you can train your betta to eat, even if you are holding the pellets in your fingers.

How To See If Your Betta Fish Is Happy?

There are several ways to tell if your betta is happy and contented. Sometimes you will not notice any of these signs right away, but knowing what to look for can help you be happy for your betta and their well-being.

  • Your betta will swim normally inside the tank. You will see your betta doing his normal routine inside the tank. You will rarely find him staying in one place or even just at the bottom of the tank. He will visit the different areas of the tank, looking at the ornaments and the designs in his environment. This is a sign that your betta is thriving, and he likes his surroundings.
  • Feeding Habits. When you see your betta fish getting close to you when you are near his tank, he knows he might get his food ration, so it shows his interest in food. You will notice how eager they are during feeding time, and this is a very good sign that your betta is happy.
  • He’s showing himself. He will be around when you are near and will show himself to you every time possible. He won’t be hiding under any ornaments or just staying in the dark. When you find your betta hiding and just staying at the bottom of the tank for most of the day, he may not be feeling well, or he’s showing signs of depression.
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Getting Friendly With Other Compatible Fish He’s With

If your betta is not starting any fight inside the tank with fishes he’s supposed to be compatible with, this is a good sign. You should see your betta swimming around or playing with other fish. He should follow or mimic other fish just because he’s having fun. This is a good sign that your fish is doing well, even with some companions.

Colorful And Healthy Fins

When your betta is at the peak of health, you will see them sashaying around the fish tank and showing their vibrant and colorful fins. They may swim around the fish tank and not minding any other fish.

When your betta suddenly flares his fins at his other fish companion and chases them, he may be unhappy with his other companion, and you need to remove the other fish and separate them.

He may have felt stressed and unhappy with his environment or with other fish with him and no longer want the companionship.

The Appearance of Betta Bubble Nests

This is another obvious sign that your fish is happy as you find a collection of bubbles on the tank’s surface. Your betta fish may also be ready to mate, and this is how they express their willingness to do so.

They do this every time they are happy, safe, and comfortable in their environment. This can be daily to every six months.

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