What Makes a Neon Tetra Lose Its Color? (Top 5 Reasons)

There can be different reasons why a neon tetra loses its color, and some are just harmless. Other reasons require you to double-check if there is something wrong with your tetra. Below are some reasons for Neon Tetra to lose its color.

You may have chosen a neon tetra fish because of its beautiful and vibrant color.

But will it scare you if it loses its color or its color suddenly fades?

Cold Water Temperature In The Fish Tank

It may be your carelessness that is causing your tetras to lose their color. Their tank may have cold water temperature without you noticing it. Since neons are tropical fish, they will thrive on warm water, and their colors can get affected if they are exposed to cold water temperature. 

The cold season may also be the reason their tank gets cold, and if the heater is not working as it should. When you change the water, you must check the water temperature of their tank as it can get cold and this will lead to your neons turning white. 

You need not worry cause you only require to turn on the heater, so the water temperature will get back to the heat which the neons are accustomed to. You will see your neon tetras back to their normal color in no time. 

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Bright Lighting Can Cause Neons To Get Stressed

Although this is helpful for your neon tetra fish, too much exposure to lighting is a big no-no for them. They only require 12 to 14 hours of exposure to the light and nothing more. If you do, you are just giving your tetras reason to get stressed. 

There are available lightings with an automatic setup that switches off after a certain period. This is the best way to ensure that your neons are getting just the right amount of lighting. Too much exposure can make them lose their color slowly. 

Neon Tetras also want to have companions, and they are more active and happy when they are in a school of fish.

They are not meant to live alone in an aquarium with just plants and decor to keep them company. Surely the fastest way to make them feel depressed and stressed. You will also see them slowly losing their vibrant color. 

Ensure that you have some fish to keep them company or your neon may not have a long life to live. 

Clashing With Other Fishes In The Tank?

Tetras also want fishes they are compatible with, and they don’t like to get bullied. Since they are peace-loving fish, any other fish that shows aggression can give them stress.

They will hide more and run away to escape from bullies, and this is not healthy for your neons cause this may also lead to them losing their vibrant color. 

When you place them with hyperactive fish that does nothing inside the tank but show aggression, then your neon will not be living a healthy and happy life in the aquarium. 

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Neons cannot keep up with hostility, and it will show on their color as it becomes pale, losing their lively color. 

Other Reason For Neons To Loose Their Vibrant Color

Your tetras cannot live healthy with an improperly cycled aquarium cause it means there is too much ammonia, nitrite, and other harmful chemicals in the tank.

This is a big stress to your neon, and you will see the immediate change in your neon’s color and behavior. 

Neon Tetras could be resting. Your neons require some time of rest, and this may also cause them to have faded color while they are resting, as they are saving on their energy. 

There is a certain level of energy for the color to get vibrant, and if your neon tetra fish are resting or sleeping, do not be surprised if you find their color fading, or there is some discoloration, as this is just normal for them. 

You will also see your neons losing color at different times of the day, and not only during nighttime. 

When the light is off. Some neon tetras will have faded color once you turn off the lights on them. The color will fade fast for some neons, while for others the color stays vibrant for a longer period.

There are various times these neons will have faded color, and as an owner of tetras, you should be able to identify when it happens. 

Some neons will sleep during nighttime, while others have a different sleeping pattern. 

Loss of Color Can Be a Sign of Disease Among Neon Tetras

Color fading and discoloration may also be a sign of a disease in your tetras. This is possible if you notice your neon’s color fading for some time, and it is not because they are saving their energy or their lights are off.

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You will know when they are infected with a disease if they are also lethargic and not feeding as they should. Their color will look pale and will not have the same vibrancy that you are used to seeing. 

When you notice that your neon may have neon tetra disease, it is crucial that you separate the sick from those who are not. This is contagious and can get the other fish sick in no time as well. 

Sadly, there is no cure for this disease, and it may require you to euthanize your neon to save the rest. 

Maintain a safe water environment by not buying and mixing a new neon immediately to the school. You may quarantine the newly-bought neon for two weeks before you introduce it to the school. 

It will help the new fish adjust to the water environment and get used to the water temperature. Two weeks is the best time for you to observe their appearance or any changes to it. 

Just like other fishes, neons can feel stressed, and this can make them sick and weak. They will also hide frequently on corners or behind decors.

This is also the start of your neons losing their colors.You should check what makes them feel such and ensure that this is solved quickly, if you don’t want your neon to weaken and die, eventually.

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