Why Does My Betta Fish Stay In One Place? 10 Top Reasons

One reason a betta fish stays in place may be because of the water temperature. When a betta sits idly on one corner, the water may not have the ideal warmth they need.

This is true, especially if you only acquire your bettas for a day or two, and the temperature in the tank may not be the same temperature he experienced from the previous owner. 

You may need to check the temperament of your newly gained betta if you think that you have prepared a comfortable tank for them. Sometimes they may have a distinct personality from the other fishes in the tank and need to adapt. 

Reasons a Betta Fish Is Staying In One Spot

He’s Not Feeling Safe.

If your betta doesn’t feel safe, they will stay in one spot in the tank. You may notice them hiding behind the decor or plants. You will see them going out when it is time to feed. 

A betta will always prevent being seen by bigger fish that can prey on them and will find holes to hide. 

The Tank Is Too Small

If your betta is not comfortable with the size of the tank, they tend to stay in one spot inside the tank.

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You should immediately replace the tank if you are planning on keeping your bettas longer. You may find your bettas stressed and may not live long. 

Your Betta Feels Stressed

If your tank is not getting filtered as it should and the water is murky, then your betta may feel stressed. This may also cause your betta to stay in one spot cause that is how they feel safe. 

You are required to change the water weekly, around 30% of the water is advisable to be replaced. 

Do not wait till the water is too murky for you to see the rest of the fish. 

Your Betta Wants To Stay At The Bottom

This may not be something for you to be concerned cause bettas do stay at the bottom when they are just lazing around. They may also sleep at the bottom when they feel like it. 

When you see them just staying at the bottom paired with other concerning symptoms, that is when you should worry. 

Check and observe if they are breathing heavily, cause this is a sign that something is wrong. They may not have the strength to go up or even roam around, and why they are just staying at the bottom. 

If your betta is also not moving and just staying at the bottom, immediately investigate if the water is too cold and your heater might have stopped working. 

He May Need More Oxygen

When you see your betta just staying on top of the tank and not anywhere else, the water conditions may be the culprit. 

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Your fish may try to breathe more oxygen as the oxygen is more concentrated at the top of the tank. 

When your usual active bettas started hanging on top of the tank and don’t move from there, you need to check the oxygen and the water temperature. 

You will also see them sticking their mouth out so they can breathe for more oxygen.

Crowded Aquarium

When you also see your bettas staying on top of the tank, this may also mean the tank is overcrowded and there is lesser oxygen for all the fish. 

They may also find it hard to maneuver inside the tank, so they only stay on top to have the needed oxygen, and there is less conflict. 

They Have Nowhere To Hide.

If your bettas don’t have any holes to go to or no rocks to hide behind, they may instead stay in one place. This will prevent them from coming into conflict with other fishes. 

Remember that bettas need their hiding spots, such as some plants where they can blend in or roam around. Plants, rocks, ceramic castles, as well as other decors, will be perfect as their hiding spot. 

Hungry For Food

When your fish started hanging out on top of the tank, this may mean that they want to feed or you are not feeding them well. 

They should have the time to rest after every feeding, but if you don’t feed them at the right time and there is no scheduled feeding for them when there should be, you will see your bettas staying on top of the tank with no desire to move anywhere else. 

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It just doesn’t happen to humans, but also to fish. A betta is no different cause they feel depressed when they don’t have what they need, such as optimal and comfortable tank temperature and size. 

They may also be alone and may want to be with a school of fish. You can also add additional stimuli such as decors, plants, and even toys inside the tank. It is also not a bad idea to get some more fish to keep him company. 

You can also rearrange the tank so it will have a new appearance for your bettas. It will compel them to explore and see what is new in their tank. 

Your Betta Is Just Sleeping

Bettas also need their sleep, and you will notice your bettas just staying in one spot, not doing anything. He could be resting, so there is no need to worry. 

If you want to get him moving, you can turn on the lights so it could make him move.

It should not worry you if you see your betta just staying in one spot, especially if they are just new to the tank. They may need to adapt to their surroundings and the other fishes. 

Your bettas staying in one spot may mean something else if you see it with other symptoms which could mean they are unwell, such as fading fin color, lethargy, no appetite, damaged and clamped fins, labored breathing. 

When you are sure that you have provided all their needs and you have given them a comfortable environment, then you can enjoy your bettas for a long time.