What Factors Determine The Size Of An Appaloosa Horse?

Appaloosa horse is known and loved across the world. It is also called spotted horse and this is due to the presence of spots on these horses.

Their appearance is striking and thus most horse lovers want to have it. These horses are friendly, gentle, and are considered loyal companions.

Apart from all these qualities it is considered to be intelligent and a colorful horse. Appaloosa horse will be like a charm to your life and this is only when you will understand and know important things about it.

There are several factors that determine the size of this horse. A few of these factors are explained below:

The Appaloosa’s Nutrition And Diet

 If a proper diet is given to the horse it will be healthy and will attain a good height. So, the most important thing is to know the nutrition that this horse requires and should be given.

The most important six nutrients that this horse will need are proteins, vitamins, fat, mineral, carbohydrates, and water.

Whenever you are purchasing feed for your horse first five essential nutrients will be there in it. So, there is nothing to worry about it. But one should not forget the importance of water. 

You need to take of the water requirements of the horse. The consumption of the water depends on activity level, humidity, and temperature changes.

Normal consumption of water is around 5 to 15 gallons on daily basis. You need to ensure that clean and sufficient water is provided to the horse. The best thing would be to keep drinking water near the horse. If you are not to manage that you can make it a point to water the horse at least twice a day.

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If your horse is consuming a good amount of water is a sign that he is healthy. Moreover, if the horse is in its growing age sufficient water is going to play a major role in increases its size. 

Apart from all this, you can also let your horse go out and graze in open once a week. Grazing fresh green grass will be good for any horse.

You can also provide your horse with vegetables and fruits if you want your horse to grow in size and weight. Roughage is necessary in order to balance the overall diet of the horse. It is very important that whenever you are feeding your horse you need to feed based on weight and not on volume. Remember not to feed dusty or moldy grain or grass to your horse. 

Genes of The Appaloosa Horse

Genesis is also considered as one of the factors that are the deciding factor in height, weight, and size of any horse. So, if the parents and the ancestors of the horse were tall there are full chances that the horse will also be of reasonably good size.

But if you have noticed that the ancestors of a particular horse were no of good size then there are fewer chances of that horse growing taller.

However, if proper nutrition is provided and the horse is made to stay in a good environment it can also help in increasing the size of this amazing animal. 

Environments Impact on Size

Just like other animals Appaloosa also needs shelter and protection. For this, you can keep the horse in some shelter either made from grass or cemented one.

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If it is made from the grass the horse will feel close to nature and this will also make him feel safe and happy. Offering proper shelter and protection will also help in providing health to your horse.

It will also play a major role in deciding the size of your horse. So, if you have brought a foal which means baby horse and if it is provided with proper nutrients, grooming, and shelter you will see it grow fast.

Moreover, if it is healthy there will be no health problems that will be faced by it. 


Overall grooming of any horse is very important. If the horse is groomed properly when it was foal it will surely help in enhancing its size for sure.

Grooming will also enhance the appearance of the horse. It will also help in maintaining the hygiene level in any horse irrespective of its breed. Proper grooming also helps in making it look healthy and fit. It also improves their skin and coat as well. 

You can also take the horse for daily walks and rides so that the horse feels good and gets to interact with nature as well. This is also one factor that plays a vital role in increasing the overall size it. Physical exercise is a must for any horse of any age.

Brushing the horse on daily basis is a must so that all the dust particles that have been settled on it are removed. You can also buy proper grooming tools so that you can do proper grooming.

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Buy a good curry comb, soft brush, and soft cloth so that you can gently do the grooming. It would be better to buy a good quality grooming kit and give the best you can to your horse. 

How Big Are Appaloosa Horses?

These horses are huge and their height is from 57 inches to 64 inches. Their weight is also somewhere between 450 kg to 500 kg.

Based on their age their height and their weight vary. Moreover, based on gender the height and weight will also differ.

You will love to ride on it as it is a graceful and very friendly animal. If you are interested to know about their age it is somewhere between 25 to 30 years. So, for all the passionate horse lovers this is just a perfect horse to have.

If all the things mentioned above are taken care of, you will never be disappointed to keep them.

The beauty and the grace of this animal have been appreciated worldwide and this is one reason for its popularity. If you notice some problem you can visit the veterinary clinic and ensure the safety of it.