How To Deal With The Temperament Of An Appaloosa Horse?

Appaloosa’s are popular for their spotted coat. Some don’t have many spots, just like the others. There are also those who have solid colors. 

The behavior of this breed also varies where some are stubborn while others are very gentle. Appaloosa’s can be aggressive if they feel you are not treating them well, and with this, they will react the way they are not supposed to. 

Appaloosa’s are smart, and they have big personalities that will surely please their owner. They are also loyal and hardworking, and you can depend on them to do what they are supposed to, such as ranch work, trail riding, endurance races, fox-hunting, and the likes. 

This horse’s temperament may sometimes get the better of them, just like in other animals when they are not given the right care and exercise.

Appaloosa’s need their activity because their energy can be too much, especially if your Appaloosa is bred for racing or hard work. It is different for an Appaloosa whose job is to stay inside the stall most of the time or walk around the fenced area. 

You will see negative behavior if you don’t let out your horse for their daily exercise and freedom. They need to roam around and be curious while enjoying their surroundings.

You can give your horse other distractions or stall toys, but this will not be a long time solution cause you will see some appearance of aggressive behavior and your horse wanting to take charge and get out of their stall for a change in scenery. 

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You will see a more irritable Appaloosa when you don’t free them and give them the exercise they require. 

Some owners make sure that the energy of their Appaloosa’s are put to good use cause this will be beneficial not just to the horse but to their relationship with their horses as well. 

What Is The Temperament Of An Appaloosa Horse?

We know the Appaloosa horses as trustworthy horses, but their temperament varies depending on their training, exposure, and exercise. The Appaloosa’s are owner-oriented, wanting to please their owners. They are also gentle and respectful of their humans, but their aggressive streak can also arise when their owners do not treat them well. 

This breed love to have a give-and-take relationship with their owners and would love to have a good, solid relationship. Their temperament will depend as well on their breeding, handling, and the training provided for them. Even if they have a reputation of being wild and irritable, this is not true for all of this breed. 

Owners who like to own an Appaloosa must know how to handle horses, and they should know how to train this breed and give them what they require. Appaloosa’s are a smart breed, and when given proper training, they can be the best horse as they show their smartness, loyalty, and gentleness to their owners. 

This breed has a strong-willed personality and can be unyielding at first. Patience is the key with this breed, and you must expose them to the right environment to which they will get accustomed while they are training. It can be challenging at first to train them, but with patience and consistency, you will have a well-trained Appaloosa in no time. 

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Why Do Appaloosas Have a Terrible Reputation?

Because Appaloosas can be aggressive and stubborn if their owner does not have the experience in handling such a breed, they will get their way and do what they please. They are smart and can even be too clever for their humans, and this is why they have a poor reputation. 

Appaloosas also have a reputation of being tough, and if their owner is not such they will just be showing their stubbornness and will test you a lot. 

It requires time, effort, patience, and focus for you to train an Appy. They will not just do what you train them to do cause that is how stubborn they are and will even do things their way. Their owner must know how to handle their Appy, so they will let the Appy follow them instead of the other way around. 

Stubbornness is not only found in this breed, but other breeds as well, and it is always in the hands of their owner or their trainer on how they will turn up. 

They can turn up to be wild and crazy just knowing how to butt head-to-head with other horses, or they can be the most gentle, respectful, and loving horse. 

Some Important Need To Know About Appaloosa Horses. 

  • Appaloosa horses can live for as long as 30 years. They are hardy and adaptable. They are versatile cause we can use them for racing, rodeo events, trail-riding, or just be working cattle. 
  • They are friendly, willing, and intelligent. Appaloosas have a reputation for being stubborn and pushy, but this is not the case with Appys. It is just in the way you treat them, and as long as you treat them well and with respect, you can earn their trust. 
  • Appaloosas are the most versatile horses. They can become ranch workers, fox hunters, racehorses, be in rodeos, show jumping, endurance races, trail riding, and many more. 
  • They are the most loved by Nez Perce People. Nez Perce people began breeding the Appys in the 1700s, and the Nez Perce shifted their culture from fishing and focused on being equestrians and mounted hunters.
  • Some of their many names include Palouse Horse, Palousey, Appaloos, Appalucy Horses, and Appys. 
  • Not every Appys have spots. Some have a solid color. It is more attractive for this horse to have spotted patterns. 
  • Appaloosas have a Leopard-Complex, and this is because of their coat with distinct spotted patterns. Other characteristics include mottled skin, visible while sclera, and the striped hooves. Although some Appys may not have unique spots, they may still carry offspring with the spotted coat patterns. 
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The Appys are prone to sunburn, and they will thank you for putting some sunscreen on their exposed pink skin as well as their muzzles.