Are Shetland Ponies Good With Children? 11 Important Facts

Shetland Ponies can be terrific with children because of their easy to manipulate size, and their friendly nature. It is also easy to saddle them when kids are going to ride them.

However, keep in mind that even though they are small and cute, they can still kick hard and bolt away if not handled correctly.

A Shetland pony should also have the proper training and be taught to stay still and learn how to be obedient.

Also, when the pony is smaller, there is a higher possibility that an adult has not handled it, and they may not have the practice like big horses have.

When you let your child ride on the back of the pony, there is a possibility for the pony to not respond willingly and this can be dangerous to a child. 

When properly trained, children can handle a Shetland Pony even on their own. This pony will not misbehave, nor be balky, will not bolt or have dangerous bad habits. 

Important Facts About Shetland Ponies

Shetland ponies Are Hardy Animals

Shetlands have thick coats that can withstand cold weather. Their bulky body makes them strong and can pull carts, buggies, or plows. 

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They were previously used to work in mines to haul coals and other laborious tasks. 

Shetlands are miniature horses, but their immense strength can surpass other big horse breeds. 

Shetlands Have a Long Life Span

Shetland Pony can live for 30 years while others can even live longer. They also have health problems but can be managed easily, and with the help of vet visitations, they can surpass the age of 30. 

They Are Easily Satisfied With Less 

They are not picky eaters as well cause as long as there is good quality grass around them, they can survive on it. 

Shetlands have developed a hard-working attitude in finding their own food, and they have adapted to eating just what is available and getting content. 

They are also not advised feeding on lush grass cause it can lead to founder or colic- or worse, to obesity. 

Shetlands will also be satisfied with good quality grass hay. Giving them lush grass, on the other hand, can do more harm.

When you let them graze, make sure that you are not leaving them out the entire day cause they will feed on all the available grass. 

Shetlands Are Of An Intelligent Breed

Though there are fiery Shetlands and some of them have a lazy personality, one thing that is a well-known fact is their intelligence. They seem to know when they can take advantage of their handler and the situation. 

If given the chance, they will be cheeky and sometimes stubborn just because they wanted to be. 

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Shetlands can also escape if not well-handled since they can assess their surrounding as well. 

There should be set boundaries when you have a Shetland Pony, or else they will take advantage of you.

Shetland Ponies Are Not Fully Grow Until They Are 5 Years Old

Shetland Pony’s growth will not stop until they are five. We do not consider them fully grown until then. High-quality forage is vital for their growth and health. They should have at least 4 to 6 pounds of forage daily and can be either pasture or hay with a bit of concentrate. 

It is not advisable to overfeed them, and their body weight must be evaluated, cause they can also have heart problems brought about by incorrect feeding habits. 

When they are obese, they cannot handle frequent rides on their back and will be too lively for smaller children. 

They Don’t Come Cheap.

A Shetland Pony can cost from $2000 to over $10000. Age is a factor as well as lineage. Their color and pattern are considered as well. If the Shetland is trained, and they have perfect behavior when sold, this will also be a consideration for the pricing. 

Their Trainability Depends On Their Age

Some Shetland Ponies can be trained easily, especially if they are at a young age. The trainability of this horse will depend on their age as well, and the way they pick lessons will also depend on the handler. 

When a Shetland is already a mature adult, he may show some stubbornness, and if someone does not handle them correctly at a young age, may show some attitude.

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Some of the bad habits that Shetland Ponies gain are from being neglected while young, they are handled incorrectly and this leads to bad behavior. 

When only kids handle a Shetland Pony when young, they can become naughty and stubborn as they may get away with it often.

A steely and experienced trainer should handle such Shetland Pony so there will be a pleasant training outcome. 

When trained correctly, Shetland Ponies can acquire good manners, charming ways, obedience, and exemplary behavior.

They Are Very Popular With Children

Shetland Ponies are being used as children’s mounts or as pets and companions. They are also guide-horses for the blind in the US. 

Their diminutive size makes them popular with children and even adults of smaller frames. They are also charming and have a fun personality that children adore. 

These horses are known to be gentle and have a big heart for humans. 

They Are Low Maintenance Breed Of Horse

As long as you provide them proper feeding and keep their hooves healthy, there is no need for frequent vet visits. They will only require an annual check-up at the most. 

They can reach old age if we meet all their requirements. 

Shetlands make for a good pet since they love the companionship of their owners and humans. They need looking after when outdoors, and their stable should have all the comforts they need. 

Shetland Ponies Are Strong

A Shetland Pony can pull twice its own weight, compared to the enormous horses that can pull only half of its weight. Furthermore, a Shetland can carry over 130 lbs.

Shetland Ponies Come In Many Colors

They have many colors that include brown, buckskin, cream, dun, gray, chestnut, bay, black, palomino, pinto, and roan.