What Are The Disadvantages of Owning a Bengal Cat? (Top 10)

Bengal cat is a crossbreed of an Egyptian Mau and an Asian leopard cat. It is a unique and highly intelligent feline that many are tempted to get one

This type of cat has become popular in pet owners today. However, this pet is not for everyone and it is important to know the disadvantages of having a Bengal cat in your household before deciding to purchase one.

What are the disadvantages of owning a Bengal cat?

Bengal Cats Are Obsessed With Climbing

Bengals like to go to places that are unreachable to their owners and they are excellent climbers too. These combined, you will have a cat that will plague you by climbing the highest point in your house all the time.

It will put your decors, frames, vases, and ornaments in danger as these will certainly fall to the floor. Many Bengal cat owners have given up their pets and surrendered them to shelters because of this behavior. Their obsession with climbing is one of the most important things to consider.

Falling objects can pose danger to your family especially if there are babies or kids in the household. Bengals also like to jump into places that could knock off tall objects in your home.

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No Privacy For Owners With a Bengal

Bengals are highly intelligent and they like to be nosy all the time. They also tend to do things as they please and they always find their way to do it.

These cats like to show their affection by being clingy and following you in very close proximity. Bengals are like little children who always need affection. They like to watch their owner even if the owners are taking a shower or in the toilet.

If you’re the kind who likes to keep your privacy, then the Bengal cat is not a pet for you. 

They Can Pose Danger To Your Existing Pets

If you have rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, chinchillas, or other small animals, the Bengals may consider them as prey and harm the little creatures. It is in their nature for, after all, they came from a wild breed of cats.

They may not get along even to their own fellow feline. Surprisingly, they are more likely to get along with your dogs. Bengal cats are considered dog-like and their characteristics are more of a dog than a cat.

You may try to introduce a newly purchased Bengal to your other cats from a different breed but that’s not going to be very easy.

The Ancestry of Bengal Cats Gives Them Quite A Temperament

The ancestry of Bengal cats contributes to their aggressive nature. Bengals do not have an easy temperament especially those from early generation crossbreeds.

They may have patience but if they are provoked, they will scratch you or even bite you. After all, these behaviors are part of their natural predatory instincts.

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If you really are determined to get a Bengal cat, you may consider the fourth generation Bengals as they are calmer than the earlier breeds. 

Bengal Cats Are Too Smart

Bengal cats are fascinatingly smart and tricky. That should be a positive trait except that they like to steal things and they are extremely curious.

They like to acquire items and carry them around to play with them. You may find yourself fixing your hair and when you’re about to tie it, the bow tie is gone. They’re also like pirates as they like to check wardrobes and cabinets to find any interesting items that they can carry.

Locking up your cabinets would be the only solution as they are very intelligent they always figure out how to get what they desire.

Having a Bengal cat means you will have to follow their path and return the items that they have stolen and played with back to their rightful place.

Bengals Will Require A Lot Of Time From You

This type of cat requires a lot more attention and care compared to their other feline cousins. They would frequently seek your attention and they can not be left alone at home.

If you have to go out of town, you will have to consider bringing your cat or otherwise hire someone who will take care of it.

On top of that, they are very energetic that you can play with them on day’s end but still they’re very active.

If you happen to lead a very busy lifestyle, then Bengal cats are not suitable pets for you. 

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They Are Obsessed With Water

It may sound odd but these cats are like water babies.

Bengal cats love water as much as other felines hated it. Although some Bengals only like to play with water, most of them would prefer to swim every chance they get. Bengals will drip water on your floor if they’re not guarded properly.

This is one of the biggest problems because they often spill glasses and jump into sinks. You will end up cleaning up a lot of wet mess in your home.

Bengal Cats Can Be Destructive

It is important to play with them all the time because they get bored easily. And when they’re bored, they can wreak havoc in your home.

They will start scratching and chewing everything including your sofas, pillows, carpets, shoes, and more.

Bengals are extremely playful and without them knowing it, they are already being mischievous.

Some Bengals Can Be Noisy

Bengals are very smart and they love to communicate.

They are extremely vocal that they frequently meow and grunt. These cats do sound lovely most of the time but they can let out a piercing cry especially if they’re hungry. They will not stop until they get their food.

If you’re the type who prefers to live a peaceful and quiet life, then you have to know that Bengal cats do make so much noise.

Bengal Cats Are Expensive With A Heavy Price Tag

Bengal cats look striking even at first glance.

They have furs with unique patterns and markings. Their eyes can be blue or green. It makes the cat target to a thief who can see the opportunity of selling the cat for money.

These cats are expensive and if they happen to find their way outside your house, the chances of them being stolen are extremely high.

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