Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Regular House Cats? And Fun Facts

Bengal cats, just like the regular house cat, can be territorial. They will need time to get introduced to the regular house cat or vice versa before they can get along. 

It is not a sign that the two cats will get along or be the best buddy cause, just like other animals, they may differ in their acceptance.

Some introduction may take time, and you need to be patient before your Bengal cat, and your regular cat becomes friends. 

Also, introducing a kitten is easier cause the other cat is more receptive to a kitten. But this is also not the case at all, but there are more instances of such. 

Bengal cat is smart, and they are also inquisitive about other animals, especially another cat. They will play and interact with another pet, but you should consider the adaptation to one another. 

Once your Bengal and house cat adapts, you will see their warmer interaction. You may wait for a few days for this to happen. 

14 Fun Facts About Bengal Cats

You Can Take Them For a Walk

Bengal cats are receptive, and they can follow their humans as required.

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You can take them out as long as you put a leash and a cat harness on them so they will be secure and will not go running off somewhere. 

Get them adapted to it first before you take them outside. 

They Are Inquisitive And Curious

If there is a hole to check, your Bengal cat will be the first to see it. This is an adventure for them as they follow their curiosity.

You will see them checking the balcony or the window, and you have to make sure that they are safe by putting a net or enclosure so your cat won’t fall. 

Bengal Cats And Babies Can Get Along

If you have a Bengal Cat, make sure that you clipped their nails short before letting them play with your baby.

They will not act aggressively towards your baby but to be sure that there won’t be any scratches appearing on your baby’s skin – cut your cat’s nails. 

They Are Fond Of Playing On The Water

Some cats don’t like their fur getting wet, but not with this cat. You will find them playing with water, and they may even play with the fish inside your aquarium.

You can place a flat container where you can set a small portion of water so your cat can play when bored. 

Bengal Cats Can Play Fetch

It is not just your dog who can play fetch with you, but also your Bengal. They are smart and active, so you can teach them tricks or fetch, including sit, or lie down. 

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You may also teach them other things such as opening doors. 

Your Bengal will appreciate you saving some time to play outside cause they love to be out with their human. 

They Love To Talk

You will hear them meowing often and will meep and mew when you are sleeping. Your Bengal may also talk on any occasion – night or day. There is no need to get surprised with this characteristic of your Bengal, but you should find it adorable. 

Their chattiness will also heighten when they need to communicate with you. They will become louder if ignored and can do unfamiliar tones as well. 

Bengals Are Considered One Of The Most Expensive Cat Breeds

A Bengal cat can cost anywhere between $3000 to $12000 or more, depending on the color of their fur. There is also a difference in price according to the generation rating according to Bengal Cat Club. 

Highly Energetic

They are cats that need lots of interaction from their owners, and they love to have playtime with them.

Bengal will need to have owners who have the same energy, and they will love to spend time with their owners often to show their affection. 

They Can Open Drawers, Cabinets, Or Flip Light Switches

Because of their intelligence, you will find your Bengal opening drawers and cabinets and pawing whatever is stored inside. They can also get messy and will try to pull out packs of food. 

Sometimes when you are not looking, they can also flip light switches and surprise you with how agile their paws are. 

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It Is Not Just Rats For Them

Your Bengal cat will hunt not just rats but also other animals such as squirrels, guinea pigs, or bunnies. They are not your usual house cat that will be satisfied with mice. 

The Bengal will explore because of their wild nature. Bengals are excellent at hunting, and they are an athletic breed. 

They Are Great At Playing Hide and Seek

Since they can climb, and they are fast runners, Bengals can hide in unimaginable places. Their climbing abilities are exceptional, and they will surely beat you in the game of hiding and seek. 

Bengals Can Recognize Human Emotions

When you don’t feel well, or you are sad, Bengal cat can identify your mood. They are very sensitive to their humans and how their owners feel that they even adapt their behavior to them. 

Because of the Bengal’s intelligence, they can easily sense if their owner is stressed or feeling low. 

There Is A Snow Bengal Variety

Bengals with seal sepia, seal mink color patterns or seal lynx with cream background or pale white. 

Bengals Have a Sharp Memory

When they encounter a scary experience, Bengals will be able to remember it for a long time. Experiences such as being trapped inside a room, or getting hit on the head will be remembered. 

Bengals will try to avoid that experience as much as they can to where they will stay away from the door of the room where they got trapped. 

Although Bengal Cats have too much personality, just like the regular house cat, they also want love and attention, and they crave their owner’s affection. They can get along well with regular house cats as long as they are introduced properly, and if given time to adapt to one another.