Why Are Sphynx Cats So Expensive? Main Reasons Explained

The appearance of this cat may surprise you. They are medium-sized with a hairless body. This cat is friendly, energetic, yet loving to its humans. Even though they have such serious expressions, they are clowns in real life, where fun and play are a crucial part of their daily activity.

This breed is expensive because they are hard to find compared to other cat breeds. They are hard to breed as it takes all the expenses in making sure the breeding is successful. The price tag of this cat will surprise you cause it can cost between $2000 up to $5000 or more.

If you want a Sphinx with the rare color or a champion lineage, be prepared to shell out over $5000. 

The Sphinx is a loyal breed and prefers curling on their owner’s lap or follow them around wherever they go. 

Don’t get fooled into paying less than $1500 for this cat cause if it is a purebred Sphinx, it will not cost cheaply. 

The Sphynx cat price will also differ depending on the gender, if they are already spayed or if they can still reproduce. If a Sphynx can still reproduce, then the price will still be high compared to a spayed cat. 

The cost will also shoot up if the cat is a show quality cat and if they have rare features such as eye color, their fur color, and fur quality. 

What You Have to Check Before Purchasing a Sphinx Cat?

Health Screening Record

The cat that you purchase must have a health record to confirm that the vet has checked them and they have the vaccinations required by the time you pick them up. Their parent’s health screening should be included, and the parents should be all purebred. 

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Don’t accept a cat with parents without any health screening cause you are not sure if the cat will have any genetic health issues in the long run. 


If you are ready to pay for an expensive Sphinx cat, make sure of their lineage first, and do not be in a hurry for the sake of having a Sphinx cat. If you will pay for a champion lineage, have the necessary papers to prove that you are buying a legit breed. 

Overall Appearance

Check the Sphinx cat before you purchase it. Some issues you need to take note of are skin irritation, their smell, and if there is a dryness in their skin. 

Notice their overall health, if there is a sign of poor health or there is a sign of bone protrusion.

What Factors Could Add To The Cost of Owning a Sphynx Cat?

The expenses will not end when you pay the breeder, but it is just a start to owning this cat breed. Here are some expenses that you have to consider. 

Regular check-ups

This cat is prone to HCM or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a genetic heart defect that can appear anytime in this cat’s lifetime. Being aware of their health status is the key to preventing this disease or slow its progression. 

Diet of the Sphinx Cat

The Sphynx cat will require a high-quality diet because its skin is prone to dryness and infection. They will need frequent feeding because of their fast metabolism. 

The specialized cat food may cause more than the usual cat food. 

Skin Requirement

This cat will also need specialized grooming supplies, soaps, and shampoo for its skin. They don’t have any fur, so their body has a greasy film and this will require frequent cleaning.

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Another issue that you have to focus on is their tendency to smell, and you may not be ready for such, particularly if you let them on your sofa, your table, or even your bed. 

You should also be ready for any cuts and skin irritations in your Sphynx cause they are prone to such. Have a dedicated lotion or any cat skin oil for skin dryness ready. 

Their ears need attention since it has no hair to protect the inner area from debris and dirt the possibility of such from collecting is high. They can have earwax that may smell if left unattended for a long period. The wax can also stain your bed or your furniture. 

Sphynx Cats Need Warm and Cozy Environment

Because of their lack of fur, this cat must maintain their body temperature. When in a colder region, you should have a heater ready when the need arises. This cat can get sick if left at a room temperature that is below 68 degrees Fahrenheit for a long time. 

You may keep them warm by letting them wear warm and soft clothing where they are not allergic. 

A self-heating cat bed is another option and has this in the house when you take your Sphynx home. 

They Need Toys and Other Forms of Entertainment While Indoors

Since the Sphynx cat can not stay long outside, especially in a cold climate, they must remain indoors. They get bored, particularly when there are no humans around.

You can get them special cat toys or a scratch post to keep them occupied while alone at home. You may also buy a litter box for them where they can stay and rest for a longer period. 

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The Sphynx cat requires constant care, and they need much attention from their owners. You may think that just because they are hairless, they will require less maintenance than the normal cat – they are a high-maintenance breed. 

But if you are willing and ready to pay for such a high price to own this breed, then you are also up for whatever is in store for you when you bring home the Sphynx Cat. 

This cat will reciprocate your effort with so much love and loyalty. They are known to be an affectionate lot, and you will enjoy so much of that once you own one.

A Sphynx can live for up to 14 years if provided with all the tenderness and care they require. You will have years of pleasure living with such a rare breed.