Is It Normal To Talk To Your Cat? (Why It Is Completely Normal)

Cats are amazing pets and great companions too. Cats are highly inquisitive and are not very fond of adventure. They are mostly lazy but are very flexible.

They become upset very easily and are night sighters too. They love being pampered and can become very irritating with a small change in their routines. We all generally tend to talk to our pets be it a cat or a dog or a rabbit. 

Some pets seem to understand their owners very well and act accordingly. Dogs tend to become very happy when their owners talk to them.

Similarly, cats too feel loved when their owners talk to them. So here is an article that will help you understand your cat as a pet and will also help you understand whether it is good to talk to your cat or not. 

Cats As Pets

Cats can be great pets and are a popular choice too. It is also true that cats are very mischievous and can become lazy but they are just like your furry little roommate.

Cats can become lazy at times but they are very curious and independent animals. They do not like to live in dirty places and ask wants to always be cuddled and pampered. 

Cats can hear you and even smell you while they are asleep. They are highly alert and also keep rats and pests away from home. They are said to be the best pets for people staying in apartments. This is because they love being quiet.

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So there are no complaints and they will not even wake the neighbors up at night. They are just amazing animals. 

Why Is It Normal To Talk To Your Cat?

It is absolutely normal and healthy to talk to your cat. Not just cats but talking to any pet is normal be it a cat or a dog. When you talk to your pet cat it is good for your cat as well as you. Talking to your cat can make them feel a lot better, loved, and comfortable. You can keep complaining about your problem to your cat and your cat will sit and listen to you. 

Cats understand human emotions very well and can understand by your facial expressions and your tone of voice what exactly you are trying to tell them. Cats can be naughty and there will be times when they will ignore you and if you keep on telling them something you will see their ears are up and they listen to everything you are saying but still pretend to ignore you. It is healthy and beneficial for both the owner and the pet.

Reasons Why You Should Converse With Your Cat

Here are a few reasons why you should make it a point to converse with your pet cat.

Strengthening your relationship with your cat: Talking to your cat does strengthen the bond between you and your cat. Conversing with your pet cat with love and affection and trying to make them feel that you do love them can help you both connect a lot more.

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Your cat will also make an effort to understand you. 

Teaching your cat commands: It is easy to train your cat when you talk to them at the same time. You will notice when you do the action and also talk to them at the same time they will understand you better. You can also try to make them understand words like left hand and right hand.

Cats can understand your emotions and your gestures very well and they tend to act according to your actions.

Trying to understand them better: Once your cat spends some time with you and is not a new pet anymore you will then understand what every meow means.

You will have an idea of what they are trying to say. Now when you also respond to them according to their meows they feel understood and that helps them grow better.

You will slowly understand the voice of your cat when she is hungry or wants to cuddle and you can then act accordingly with them. 

Alertness for illness: Sometimes it is very difficult to understand whether your cat is sick or just sleepy. The illness alerts can be very subtle at times in the case of cats.

You can only understand whether they are sick or not by their voices. The voice of your cat can change when she is not well or sick. So if you talk to your cat on a regular basis you would very easily understand the change in your cat’s meow or voice.

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If you do not talk to your cat it can be very difficult for you to understand whether she is ill or not. This can later become a huge problem if the illness is severe.

Making them feel loved and wanted: As we all understand that cats can understand your body language and your emotions very well. They do not really understand what you actually say but they can definitely make out.

So when you cuddle and pamper them while talking they feel loved and wanted. They will pretend to ignore you so that you come and love them. They are very moody and love to be pampered and cuddled with. So always make it a point to not only talk to them but to also love them and share your problems with them. 

It Is Completely Normal To Talk To Your Pet

Few people think that it is weird to talk to your pets. On the contrary, it is good to talk to your pets.

This is because you can make them feel a lot more comfortable and loved when you talk to them. It is true that cats do not really understand everything you are saying to them but that gesture does make them feel comfortable and they do get to understand what you are trying to tell them.

They can understand your facial expressions and can also understand your tone of voice and can make out what you 

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