How To Save My Guppies From Being Murdered By Angelfish?

Angelfish swimming

Not every fish you place on your fish tank will live peacefully with each other. You have to do your research before you go buying all the types of fish you like.  You should consider the compatibility and harmony of the fish you will mix in your aquarium. Some fish will feed on another fish … Read more

Why Do Goldfish Seem To Die After A Month? (Main Reasons)

Goldfish in water

Goldfish, just like any other fish, also require a proper aquarium set up with all the needed filters, oxygen, and of course, food. Some people who purchase their first goldfish may think that just by providing them some fish flake and putting them in a fishbowl is enough for them to thrive, but this is … Read more

Why Are My Black Molly Fish Attacking Guppies And Killing Them?

Molly fish

Mollies can live with guppies peacefully cause both are tropical freshwater fish and have similar feeding needs. They can be friendly with each other and will rarely attack each other. However, sometimes mollies may show aggressiveness to guppies, and it is to defend their mate or if they think their fry is at any risk … Read more

Why Isn’t My Angelfish Eating? (6 Most Common Reasons)

Angelfish in fish tank

Freshwater angelfish are some of the most beloved and popular of all aquarium fish, however, they do present one problem. Sometimes they simply stop eating for no obvious reason. So is your angelfish not eating? Well, don’t despair because we will be discussing the reasons for this behavior below. It can be an extremely upsetting situation for aquarium owners … Read more