Why Are Clownfish So Expensive? (3 Important Facts)

So, you are interested in clownfish. You want to know what makes it so expensive. You are not alone. Many have the same doubt. They do not find any reason behind the cost of clownfish.

Some believe that the clownfish is rare, and the rarity contributes to the end cost. Let’s cover a few details so that you can be aware of the reasons.

In this article, we will focus on the causes that contribute to the price of the clownfish. At the same time, we will discuss some other things related to clownfish. After going through the article, you will be in a better position to make a decision. 

Are Clownfish Rare?

Some of us believe that clownfish are rare. However, clownfish is not rare. Many different types of clownfish species are available. It is worth mentioning that all of them are not expensive. Some of them are common and will not cost you more. If you are only interested in the clownfish regardless of the species, you will find many options to choose from. Go with the one that is easily accessible. You are not going to spend more. However, if you want the rare clownfish, you are going to spend much more.

What Contributes to the End Cost?

Some clownfish will have wide distribution. Therefore, they will not cost you more. However, a few species are available in some remote locations. If you are interested in those species, you might need to give your effort and money. These are difficult to collect. You will find shipping complex as well. All these factors contribute to the end cost.

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The rare clownfish are mostly captive-bred. These are available within the $10 and $25 price range. The cost is much more than freshwater fish. The freshwater fish can cost you only $3 to $6. Marine fish is more expensive than freshwater fish. The maintenance and care cost will be added to the cost of the clownfish. In the end, you are going to spend much more if you consider a rare clownfish.

When it comes to freshwater fish, they come from our faucets. They do not come from the seawater. If you get clownfish, you need to buy salt mixes to make the water-friendly for the clownfish. That is going to influence the cost of clownfish.

Also, clownfish will not be able to grow when the water quality is poor. Even if you are using saltwater mixes, you will have to maintain the water quality regularly to create a favorable environment for your fish. All these will increase the end cost. You will have to spend much more compared to the freshwater fish. The clownfish will demand more effort and money than freshwater fish. 

In brief, we can say that some specific species of clownfish are expensive since these are rare. Rarity is the key cause. As these are not widely available, you will have only limited options. Also, the rare clownfish is more popular. So, people do not hesitate to spend more on the rare species. Another factor that contributes to the high price is the maintenance requirements. Though clownfish can be great pets, you will have to spend more to create a favorable environment for their survival. They will not survive without saltwater.

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Can We Breed Clownfish?

Yes, you can breed clownfish. For this, you will need two young fish. You can buy a mated pair if you are planning to breed.

The female one will grow larger than the male one. You will have to set up aquariums depending on the number of pairs you want. Each pair will need a twenty to thirty-gallon water aquarium. The aquarium will need some specific maintenance for a few months before you allow the fish pair to enter in.

You will have to spend on the maintenance of the aquarium. That will be much more than the freshwater fish aquarium. There will be some unique requirements to breed a clownfish. The process will be costlier and time consuming compared to freshwater fresh. The eggs of clownfish will hatch within seven to ten days.

Can Clownfish Be Pet?

Yes, clownfish can be great pets. They look beautiful and inspiring. You are going to love this new addition. However, you will have to take care of the maintenance. Clownfish do not demand a lot of care. The key is to create a favorable environment for them. You will have to use salt mixes in their aquariums. When it comes to food, they can eat fresh, frozen, and dried foods. However, there should not be any predators in their tanks.

When it comes to the downside, the cost will top the list. Yes, you will have to spend more on this pet. It is not that you will have to spend more while buying a clownfish only. You are going to spend much more on maintenance. Maintaining a saltwater aquarium might not be easy.

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You will also need some equipment to support the growth of clownfish. As mentioned earlier, you will need an aquarium of twenty to thirty gallons of saltwater. You are not done yet. You need to maintain the water quality regularly.

For the maintenance, you will have to follow some specific ways that include filtration, reef structure, water supplements, and pumps. The food is an added cost.

The initial setup will cost you from $300 to $400 or even more depending on the species. Also, the environment of the aquarium will take time to be mature, and then you can consider adding your fish. When it comes to the time, it will take four to five weeks.

Once the aquarium is set with clownfish, you will have to focus on regular maintenance and cleaning. You will have to replace the filter and change the water frequently.

Wrapping Up

Now we know what makes clownfish expensive. Even if clownfish are a bit expensive, people find it worth spending. These intelligent and beautiful fish can be a great addition to any home. They can offer educational rewards to your young kids. You just need to put some extra effort into the maintenance.

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