Why Does My Cichlid Stay At The Top Of The Tank (3 Main Reasons)

Orange cichlid

Have you ever wondered why your cichlid always stays at the top of the tank? Different reasons may be causing this behavior. Cichlids have been known for being territorial, so they need their space from others and will stay on top of the tank until they find what they are looking for. Cichlids, which are … Read more

Why Do Betta Fish Get Excited To See You?

Colorful Betta Fish

Bettas can be a fun pet to care for because they can also recognize the person who often feeds them. They give their greeting to their owners by showing excitement in the way they swim and by not hiding when their owners are near. You would often see them swimming in front of the tank … Read more

Why Does a Horse Rub its Head on You (6 Most Usual Reasons)

Woman with her young horse

Horses socialize very well and enjoy other’s presence. They form a good bond with humans/owners as time passes. They usually display fondness in different ways towards you. This is recognizable with their movements, gestures, expression, and posture. They display expressive body language. Trainers understand their body language and this sets them apart from other humans in … Read more

Why Is My Molly Attacking Other Fish? (Important Precautions To Take)

Molly fish

Though mollies are popular fish for aquariums still most of the aquarium owners get worried when they see their molly chasing other molly or other fish in the tank. In this situation, a question arises whether mollies are aggressive. In this write-up, we are going to discuss reasons why mollies chase each other and look aggressive. Reasons For Molly Chasing Other … Read more

What Do Gobies Eat? Ultimate Overview Of The Goby Diet


Gobies are a fish, and as such they need to eat. However, gobies can be picky about what they eat so it’s important to know what is good for gobies in terms of nutrition and diet. Here is some information on goby nutrition and diet that will help you make sure your goby has the … Read more