How Bad Does a Siberian Husky Shed? Expert Advice

Siberian husky

When your husky starts blowing their coat, you should be ready to clean. The next few weeks will keep you busy.  Huskies shed, but unlike other dog breeds, they do so twice a year. It happens when they shed their undercoat during summer and then during fall. Shedding lasts up to 6 weeks or even longer … Read more

What Age Is Best For a Siberian Husky To Leave Their Parent?

Siberian Husky puppy

Dog breeding is increasingly becoming more complex as people’s overall perception on it changes, but for the dog breeders and potential owners who would like to purchase a newly bred pup and still ensure all the dogs are as safe and healthy as they can be during the process, finding the right answers on many … Read more

Why Are Poodles Groomed The Way They Are? (Show Poodle Checklist)

Groomed show poodle

Keeping your poodle well-groomed is essential, as poodles are intelligent dogs, and he would know if he wasn’t looking his best. Originally poodles were groomed this way with a mane of hair around the poodle’s vital organs to keep them warm during winter, and when swimming in cold water to retrieve ducks shot in the … Read more

Do Dogs See Us As Their Master Or As Their Pet?

Dog looking at us

Dogs are commonly known as delightful human companions. The dogs are the first-ever species that humans have domesticated, in addition, they have a long history of excellent relationships with people. That’s why we call them man’s best friend. What Do Dogs See When They Look At Us? If you had the chance to spend some … Read more

Can a Bichon Frise Puppy Be Left Alone During a Normal Workday?

Standing bichon frise puppy

Puppies need your attention. They crave company, a lot of interaction from their owner, and they require exercise.  When you take your new puppy home and feed them, the responsibility does not stop there cause you need to make sure that you have time for your puppy. You now have an additional commitment to do, … Read more