Why Does My Guinea Pig Pee On Me? – Vet Explains

Guinea pig is also referred to as domestic guinea pig or cavy. In scientific context and laboratories, it is known as a guinea pig, while breeders refer to a guinea pig as cavy to describe the animal. Besides so many names, they are known as guinea pigs among the common population. There is a strange thing in the naming of this animal. Guinea pigs neither belong to Guinea nor have any biological relationship with pigs. But still, we call them guinea pigs.

There can be more than one reason for guinea pigs to pee on their owner. First of all, you should know that it is pretty much normal. A guinea pig urinates on his owner only if he is nervous, frightened or stressed.

The Guinea pig was domesticated for meat, and its meat is consumed in most parts of the world. However, people nowadays also keep them as a pet. Pet parents of guinea pigs often complain about them peeing on their lap. This article will discuss the probable causes of guinea pigs peeing on their owner and some other aspects of guinea pig pee.

Piggies are known to produce a lot of urine and faeces. Being animals, they can’t speak to us and tell us when they have to pee, so whenever a piggie wants to go, he will go. We can only guess by reading his body language and can do nothing more than that. However, there can be other reasons for a piggie peeing on your lap, and you should be a keen observer to know any abnormality going on with your piggie.

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People who have a guinea pig as a pet tell us that they pee when they are annoyed, stressed, or want to show dominance over the other. In addition, piggies are known to communicate with the help of pee. Moreover, if your piggie does not like being held in hands or laps, he may express his dislike by peeing on expressing that he wants his release. If you see your piggie straining or having difficulty in the cage or while you take him in your lap, you should consult your vet.

Does Guinea Pig Pee Smell?

Guinea pigs are famous because they like to groom themselves, and they are considered clean pets. However, sometimes they stink, and your utmost priority becomes to get rid of the smell. There are many reasons for pee smell; therefore, it is important to know from where it is coming.

Generally, guinea pig pee smells because of a disease, poor quality diet or lack of cleanliness. If we dig deep, we understand that besides guinea pig’s love to groom themselves, pee builds up in the tuft of hair on the bum area. This tuft of hair, when soaked in urine, smells bad. It is the most common problem that every piggie owner faces. Some piggies have selected an area in the cage for peeing which stinks. Also, a piggie may lay on the pee-on-hay, and the urine accumulates and produces a bad smell.

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There is another reason for the guinea pig to produce a bad smell. Piggies have grease glands on their back under the tail, which are scent producing glands. When accumulated in the area around the bum, grease becomes sticky, greasy, and produces a bad smell. Guinea pigs have a habit of dragging their bum to proclaim that the area belongs to them. It is a way to mark their territory.

Is Guinea Pig Pee White And Why?

When I had a guinea pig the first time, I was confused and anxious over the colour of urine. However, I consulted a veterinarian, and he educated me that guinea pig pee has normal white colour urine. Its white colour is due to a difference in its physiology from other animals.

Guinea pigs excrete more amount of certain solute in their urine that makes its colour white. Therefore, if your piggie is passing white or cloudy colour urine, it is pretty much normal, and he does not have any disease or kidney stones.

How To Remove Guinea Pig Pee

You can easily clean guinea pig stains with a cleaning brush, towel, vinegar and baking soda. First, you should empty the cage, place your piggie in a safe place away from the cage and remove the present items inside the cage.

Pick up the solid, dried urine and other waste with the help of a paper towel or a scoop. Make use of an empty spray bottle and add equal amounts of water and vinegar. Spray and dry the area two to three times and then sprinkle baking soda over the vinegar.

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Give it some minutes and clean it with a towel. All the stains will be gone then.

Why Does Guinea Pig Pee Turn White?

Guinea pigs excrete a large amount of calcium carbonate and phosphate in their urine. Calcium carbonate is responsible for the change in colour and texture.

Calcium carbonate crystals make the colour of urine white to cloudy. Normal urine does not give a gritty texture; instead, dried urine is somewhat gritty because of calcium compounds.

Moreover, guinea pig urine colour sometimes gives an orange or brown tint at a young age. But most of the time, their urine is white to cloudy in appearance.

Guinea pigs are beautiful little creatures and lovely animals to keep as a pet. Pet owners often become anxious about their cloudy urine, but now you know that it is normal among piggies. However, if you observe blood in the urine or the urine is incontinent, it may be a problem.

If any of your guinea pigs suddenly change their habit of urine, you should have him checked. You should see a veterinarian as soon as possible.