How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Guinea Pig

It is an exciting topic to write about because I have also had times to convince my parent, and I know the exact feeling of a child persuading his parents to get something. You should not be emotional or excited to convince your parents because it will not work in most cases.

When they see a sense of responsibility and commitment in their child, they get him whatever he wants to have. So, sit back! We will try to convince the parents logically.

You should be an expert to handle them if you want to have a guinea pig. You should have proper knowledge about their housing requirements, diet needs, care and management practices. Then you will be in a solid position to convince your parents.

Step 1. Show Your Commitment

Learn Everything About Guinea Pigs

You should be in front of your laptop or in front of someone who keeps guinea pigs to learn everything about them. Remember, if you don’t know what guinea pigs are and how they are managed, your parents will get one for you. So, you should spend time and learn everything you need to know about them.

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Write Down Everything

The best way to remember everything is to write them all. You can’t store a lot of information in your head. You should have a jotter and a pen while reading about guinea pigs. You should classify all the knowledge about guinea pigs.

There should be a section about the housing requirements, diet requirements, management, care and health concerns. Make notes as if you are going to appear in examinations. I don’t know if you like examinations or not, but honestly, I hate examinations. So do whatever you prefer to remember the information.

Express Your Interest To Your Parents

Now is the time to let your parent know that you like guinea pigs. Indulge in family talk and share some of the exciting information about the guinea pigs. You should try to inspire them with your knowledge.

At first, they may confuse about your interest but let them be. When they start taking an interest, share more interesting information about them. It will make one thing clear to your parents that you have a good interest in guinea pigs.

Find a Volunteer Work at a Guinea Pig Shelter Home

You should find a shelter home nearby in the town where you can volunteer yourself. Volunteering yourself will teach you a lot. You will have hands-on practise about managing the guinea pigs.

Don’t spend a lot of time there; two to four hours are enough for you. And remember, spend as much time as you can manage because you also have school work to put your focus on.

Step 2. Make your pitch

Tell Your Parents That Having a Guinea Pig Will Benefit You

Now that your parents know you have good knowledge about guinea pigs and you are already working on a shelter, it is time to let them know that you want to have guinea pigs. But don’t put it like you are dying to have guinea pigs.

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Instead, you should put your case in a way that having a guinea pig will benefit you a lot. If you keep guinea pigs, you will be responsible and scheduled.

Guinea pigs will teach you to live a scheduled life and fulfil your duties. You will learn how to care for others, especially when they don’t talk or demand directly what they need.

Explain That You Need at Least Two Guinea Pigs

While putting your case, you should also convince them that one guinea pig can’t live a healthy life. At least two guinea pigs can make a good life in our home. Having two female guinea pigs is excellent because two male guinea pigs fight a lot until they are neutered. And having a couple of guinea pigs will reproduce and have many babies that will be difficult to manage. So, two lady guinea pigs can make good company.

Make a List of Items You Need

You should have a list of items you need to make a living for guinea pigs. You may need a guinea pig cage, bowls, beddings, floorings, enrichment toys, management tools and a pair of lady guinea pigs.

Offer to Pay Expenses

It will be a good gesture if you offer them to pay for the expenses. It will be the practical implication of you taking the responsibility. It will be good to find a job and work part-time to meet the expenses.

Negotiate If You Don’t Have Money

If you don’t have the money to pay for the expenses, you should negotiate with your parents. You can provide your service to do household chores. You can clean the lawn or do other things to convince your parents.

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Listen to your parents

If still, your parents don’t agree to get you guinea pigs, you should not be angry or disappointed. There is still a way to convince your parents by sticking to your passion and making them realize that you are damn serious about your passion.

Step 3. Show Responsibility Even After Their Refusal

Don’t think that your parents don’t bother with what you are doing. If you continue learning about Guinea pigs, offering your service to the shelter or earning money to meet the expenses, your parents will acknowledge your efforts.

You need to continuously make them realize that you are serious about having a guinea pig, and you are ready to take their sole responsibility.